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Love Locks Weigh Paris Bridge Down

The bridge closed briefly after part of it crumbled under the weight of thousands of padlocks hooked there to symbolize endless love.

Possible Friendly-Fire Incident Kills 5 Americans In Afghanistan

Afghan media are citing a local official who says the troops' air support mistakenly bombed their position. NATO says the attack is still under investigation.

Taliban Claim Credit For Another Attack In Karachi

Militants are attacking a security training facility near the Karachi airport. The incident comes less than two days after a deadly attack on the Karachi airport itself.

Hillary Clinton: I Helped Restore U.S. Leadership In The World

To hear the former secretary of state and once and maybe future Democratic presidential candidate tell it, her new book, Hard Choices, isn't the kickoff to a 2016 campaign.

More Unaccompanied Minors Moved From Texas To Arizona

Over the weekend, hundreds of children traveling solo across the U.S. border were transferred to a detention center in Nogales, Arizona. David Greene talks to Los Angeles Times reporter Cindy Carcamo.

Forbidding Fruit: How America Got Turned On To The Date

Introducing the humble date to the U.S. over decades in the 20th century required dangerous Middle Eastern adventures, harem pants and a little bit of sex. Hollywood helped with movies like Cleopatra.

Japan Says It Wants To Resume Larger Annual Whale Hunt

Despite a ruling in March by the International Court of Justice that the country's whaling is not scientific, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he wants to resume the Antarctic hunt.

Beijing Denounces Vietnam, Philippines 'Farce' On Disputed Islands

China's Foreign Ministry said a get-together between soldiers of the two countries on the Spratly Islands was an effort to "pick quarrels and cause trouble" with Beijing.

A Reason To Smile: Mexican Town Is A Destination For Dental Tourism

Los Algodones is tiny, but with help from the Internet, the Mexican border town has become a virtual dental factory, drawing patients from across the U.S. and Canada.

Human Or Machine? AI Experts Reportedly Pass The 'Turing Test'

A program by two Russian artificial intelligence experts is said to have passed the iconic test by fooling a group of judges into thinking they were talking to a 13-year-old boy.