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Syria's War Creates A Market For Artificial Legs

Before Syria's civil war, there was no real need for a clinic that could teach the disabled how to walk on artificial legs. Now there's huge demand, not only for the legs, but also for training.

Thai Government Says It Won't Postpone Parliamentary Elections

Citing violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters, the country's Election Commission asked for a delay in the Feb. 2 vote.

American Kidnapped By Al-Qaida In Pakistan Seen In Video

Warren Weinstein, 72, was snatched from his home in Lahore, Pakistan, more than two years ago. In a video sent to news outlets by al-Qaida's media wing, Weinstein is heard appealing to President Obama to negotiate his release.

Revealing The Sometimes Ugly Truth Of Nigera

Chinelo Okparanta was born in Nigeria and raised in the U.S. as a Jehovah's Witness. She talks to guest host Celeste Headlee about sharing the truth of her home country, even if it's ugly.

Greenpeace Activists Start Getting Visas To Leave Russia

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi approach, Russian officials are freeing some high-profile prisoners. Critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin say he's just trying to burnish his nation's reputation.

Japan's Abe May Have Hoped To Anger Others With Shrine Visit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid his respects Thursday at a Shinto shrine where war criminals are among those honored. China and South Korea protested. The U.S. expressed its disappointment. Analysts say Abe's nationalist agenda may be well served by the diplomatic dust-up.

The Secret Protectionism Buried Inside NAFTA

In order to get the North American Free Trade Agreement signed 20 years ago, a specific trade-off was made. The trade-off would not protect U.S. jobs from moving overseas.

Pacific Northwest Suffers After China Bans Shellfish Imports

Earlier this month, China imposed a ban on shellfish imports from most of the U.S. West Coast after finding two bad clams. The move is hitting Washington state particularly hard. State agencies estimate businesses there are losing as much as $600,000 a week.

Frustrated Documentary Maker Opens Cafe In West Bank

Small businesses make up the vast majority of companies in the West Bank. Before opening a cafe, Palestinian Tariq el-Ayyan worked on documentary films. Two months in, the cafe seems to be succeeding, with two paid employees and steady traffic.

Wave Of Illegal Immigrants Gains Speed After NAFTA

The North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, turns 20 next week. Hailed as a boon for regional trade, it had some undesirable effects. It hastened a trend away from small farmers, and speeded illegal immigration to the U.S.