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Facing The Islamic State Threat, Kurdish Fighters Unite

Kurdish groups have often quarreled among themselves, or at least kept their distance. But Kurds from Iraq and Turkey have been fighting side by side in northern Iraq against the Islamic State.

An Ebola Strategy Brings Good News To One Liberian Town

The town of Foya has had no new cases in a month. Credit goes to a care center and an ongoing effort to calm fears and allow family members to communicate with patients — and view the dead.

Ford Brothers Lose Toronto Mayor Race, Hold On To Council Seat

Unofficial results show John Tory beat Doug Ford 40-34 for mayor, a race Rob Ford abandoned after his cancer diagnosis. The latter Ford did keep the Ward 2 council seat his family has held since 2000.

Medical Journal To Governors: You're Wrong About Ebola Quarantine

Govs. Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo have called for mandatory quarantine for "high risk" individuals returning from Ebola-stricken countries. The New England Journal of Medicine begs to differ.

In Pakistan, Islamic State Draws In Taliban Commanders

Few scenarios worry the U.S. and its allies more than the prospect of the rise of the Islamic State on the war-battered landscape of northwest Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. In Pakistan, six top Taliban commanders have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

With Marines Gone, Can The Afghan Army Hold Off The Taliban?

The Marines have departed their biggest base in southern Afghanistan, the scene of heavy fighting throughout the war. This will be one of the main proving grounds for the Afghan army.

A Congolese Mother Of Six Is Honored For Her Death-Defying Journalism

Solange Lusiku Nsimire, an editor who has been subjected to death threats and whose family has been attacked, has won a courage award for her journalism in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

U.N. Ambassador In Sierra Leone For Closer Look At Ebola Crisis

Samantha Power, the U.S. envoy to the U.N., is on a multi-nation swing through West Africa to see how the global response to the deadly virus is faring.

Death Penalty Reportedly Sought For Captain In Korean Ferry Disaster

Lee Joon-seok, master of the Sewol, is accused of abandoning his passengers when the vessel went down in April. More than 300 people died.

The Red Cross Is Using Text Messaging To Take Down Ebola

Working with the government, the Red Cross sends 2 million texts a month to people in Sierra Leone, reminding them to wash their hands, take their temperature and protect themselves from Ebola.