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'The Battle For Home' Traces Syria's History Through Architecture

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Homs-based architect Marwa al-Sabouni, about her new book The Battle for Home, which traces Syria's past, present and possible future through the lens of architecture.

The Grand Ambitions Of A Slain Journalist In Ukraine

Pavel Sheremet, who was killed Wednesday, clashed with Russian authorities over his investigative reporting. He thought he'd found a safe home in Ukraine. NPR's Joanne Levine met him just last month.

U.S. Sues To Recover Funds Allegedly Stolen From Malaysian Government Fund

The money — which U.S. officials say was used to buy a $35 million jet, art by Van Gogh, rights to The Wolf of Wall Street — was raised by a fund with ties to Malaysia's prime minister and his family.

An Archaeological Mystery In Ghana: Why Didn't Past Droughts Spell Famine?

A terrible drought hit Ghana in the 1400s, far worse than today's conditions. Yet people had enough to eat, while today they go hungry. What changed? In a word, colonialism, a new study suggests.

WATCH: During Turkish Coup Attempt, Man Defies 2 Tanks And Survives

Video footage shows a man standing in front of the first tank. When it doesn't stop, he runs backward a few steps, then throws himself on the ground — remaining safely between the tank's treads.

Investigative Journalist Killed By Car Bomb In Ukraine's Capital

Pavel Sheremet was assassinated when a car he was driving exploded in Kiev on Wednesday. The Ukrainian president has called for an investigation.
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Republican National Convention: Analysis Of Trump's Plans For The Economy And Creating Jobs

Speakers at the Republican National Convention address jobs and the economy. A convention update and analysis of Donald Trump's economic plans and how his own successes and failures as a businessman could shape voter opinion.


South Korean Task Force Aims To Standardise Menu Translations

Inaccurate menu translations can be amusing for foreign diners. Not so much for officials of South Korea, who've set up a task force to tackle some confusing translations including English.

Facebook Blamed For Flare-Up In Fighting In South Sudan

Earlier this month, South Sudan teetered on the brink of a return to civil war. The government cites a Facebook post for sparking the violence.

Defense Secretary: Turkey's Turmoil Shouldn't Harm Battle Against ISIS

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the U.S. was surprised by the attempted coup in Turkey, but he does not expect it to affect the campaign against the Islamic State.