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Vietnam Native Who Fled Country During War Returns Home

For the series on Vietnam, tomorrow NPR visits Nguyen Qui Duc, who fled the country before the communist takeover in 1975. He now lives in Hanoi and says he feels more at home than ever.

U.S. Army Veterans, Survivors To Mark 70th Anniversary Of Dachau Liberation

The Nazi concentration camp at at Dachau was liberated by U.S. troops 70 years ago Wednesday. Survivors and U.S. Army veterans are gathering at the camp in Germany for a commemoration this weekend.

Saudi Arabian Monarch Announces Changes To Kingdom's Line Of Succession

Saudi Arabia's new monarch announced a major overhaul in the kingdom's line of succession Wednesday.

Nepali Prime Minister Declares 3 Days Of Mourning Following Quake

Nepal's prime minister declared three days of national mourning after Saturday's earthquake. The death toll could exceed 10,000. For many, the mourning began right after the disaster, but for some families, the search for loved ones continues.

Japan's Prime Minister Makes Historic Address To Congress

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laid out his vision of increasing ties with the U.S., and expressed his remorse over Japan's wartime atrocities.

Pope Francis Calls Gender Pay Gap A 'Pure Scandal'

NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports that Francis' remarks, at his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square, are some of his most forceful statements yet in favor of women.

Game Of Thrones: Saudi King Shakes Up Line Of Succession

King Salman has named a new heir to the throne — and consolidated power in the hands of a younger generation.

Nepal, Before The Earthquake Struck: A Photographer's Portfolio

Kevin Bubriski came as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1975, camera in hand, and has taken photos of daily life for 40 years: monks, haircuts, schoolgirls in a village that was at the quake's epicenter.

Russia Tries To Regain Control Of Space Capsule

The cargo ship was launched Tuesday and scheduled to dock at the International Space Station to deliver 2.5 tons of supplies. Ground control lost contact after the ship reached its first orbit.

In Nepal, A Flood Of People Leave Capital To Return Home

Reporting from the quake's epicenter, NPR's Julie McCarthy says, "When we arrived last night, you could feel the ground shaking constantly. It felt like Jello and it lasted through the evening."