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A Milestone For A Beloved Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II today becomes Great Britain's longest-reigning royal, overtaking Victoria, who ruled for 63 years, seven months and two days. She's marking the occasion by opening a railway line.

How Many Children Under 5 Die A Year In The U.S. Vs. Angola?

A new report emphasizes significant progress in cutting the number of deaths of children before age 5. But in some parts of the world, the rate is still depressingly high.

Killing Of Young Woman In Nepal Spotlights Travel Safety

The death of an American teacher raises questions about the risks of heading off alone as a trekker or a volunteer. We talked with two experts about lessons to draw from the tragedy.

Migrants Attempt To Leave Temporary Camps On Hungary-Serbia Border

Migrants crossing Hungary's border with Serbia are being held in temporary camps with few facilities, and some have tried to break out and make their own way north to Germany.

U.N. Steps In After Saudi Arabia Fails To Deliver Aid To Yemen

Saudi Arabia recently promised aid to Yemen — the country it's been bombing and blockading with U.S. help. But it didn't come through, and the United Nations is now trying to broker a deal to make it happen.

Munich Schools Scramble To Accomodate Migrant Children

Among the thousands of migrants arriving in Munich are children, who require extra help to adjust to their new environment. These children are overwhelming Bavarian authorities who by law are required to send them to school when classes there resume next week. But they don't have enough room in transitional programs the newcomers need.

'Largest Majority' Of Migrants Recently Coming To Europe Are Refugees

NPR's Audie Cornish interviews Demetrios Papademetriou, president of Migration Policy Institute Europe, for a breakdown of where the migrants are coming from and if they qualify as refugees.
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From Prison Cells In El Salvador, Violent Gangs Remain Connected To U.S.

Part 2 of Armando Trull's series: The prison crisis in El Salvador and gang activity in the D.C. region are part of the same dynamic, authorities say. Money flows back to leaders, even those stuck in the Central American nation's crowded cells.


In Russia, A 'Show Of Force' As The Military Tries To Modernize

Russia has launched a huge project to re-equip its armed forces with modern weapons. But the obstacles, including delays caused by sanctions and a cash crunch due to a drop in oil prices, are massive.

An Art Scene Flourishes Behind Closed Doors In Saudi Arabia

There isn't much public space to be creative. Artists Arwa Alneami and Ahmed Mater are trying to change that. They host a salon where creative people gather and exchange ideas.