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BNP Paribas Agrees To Pay $8.83 Billion In Sanctions Probe

The U.S. alleges that the French bank violated U.S. sanctions laws by facilitating transactions involving Sudan, Cuba and Iran.

Between Israel And Hamas, 3 Killed Teens Escalate Tensions

Three Israeli teens who have been missing since June 12 were found killed in the West Bank. Israel blames Hamas and is expected to take action against the militant group.

Lead Exposure May Cause Depression In Chinese Children

Lead exposure lowers children's IQ and causes aggression. But children exposed to low levels of lead show different symptoms, including more depression and anxiety, a study of preschoolers finds.

Ecuador's President Tests The Waters On Wiping Away Term Limits

Fiery Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa had sworn that his current term, his third, would be his last. But his ruling party is now moving to remove constitutional term limits, potentially opening the door to a fourth term.

Beside A Crumbling Iraq, Iran Looks On With Alarm Bells Ringing

With Sunni militants proclaiming a new Islamic caliphate including northern Syria and much of Iraq, Iran is searching for solutions to the looming threat next door. It's taking an active approach to bolster Shiites against the Sunni spread.

For Pablo Escobar's Transplanted Hippos, Colombia's A Wonderland

During his lifetime, legendary Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar assembled as a status symbol a private zoo, which included four hippos. In the 20 years since his death, far from their natural home in Africa, Escobar's hippos have multiplied in the wild. Veterinarian Carlos Valderrama talks to Robert Siegel about the hippos and the challenges they're presenting Colombians.

Years Of Syrian Violence Have Changed The Face Of The French Jihadi

In the past five years, the conflict in Syria has helped dramatically change the profile of a jihadi fighter: No longer are jihadi groups forced to meet in secret forums; instead, they're openly on Facebook, and the movement is democratizing.

ISIS Gets A Rebrand, Declaring Its New Caliphate In The Process

The militant group that has swept over much of Syria and now Iraq has renamed itself. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria now wants to be called, simply, "The Islamic State." It's a new and ambitious claim to rule the Muslim world.

Belgian Singer Stromae Hopes To Bring French Flair To The U.S.

The dance music sensation is about to tour America, and many venues are already sold out. Host Michel Martin speaks to the pop star about how life has influenced his music.

Ramadan In A Warzone: Is This Time Of Reflection Enough To Stop Conflict?

Ramadan is a time of quiet reflection for Muslims around the world. But what is it like for those who find themselves trapped in the middle of violent conflicts? Host Michel Martin finds out.