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A Trip Into Odessa's Rich, Dark History

As Ukraine seeks international help to bring Crimea back from Russian control, residents of Odessa watching warily. The historic Black Sea port has been conquered repeatedly throughout history.

Afghan Election Blow To Taliban, Leading U.S. General Says

Morning Edition co-host Renee Montagne, who has been reporting from the Afghan capital Kabul, talks to Marine General Joseph Dunford, the commander of all allied forces in Afghanistan.

Groups Disagree Over How To Aid Syrians Caught In Civil War

Aid has only trickled into Syria since the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution calling for more access to the country. Aid workers say bureaucratic obstacles continue to be a major problem.

African Responses Night And Day From Rwanda, U.N. Envoy Says

As a scholar, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power wrote about the U.S. failure to intervene in Rwanda. Morning Edition co-host David Greene talks to her about current crises in Africa.

The Ebola Survivors: Reborn But Not Always Embraced

They have recovered from the deadly virus that is ravaging Guinea. They feel blessed by their good fortune. But family and friends are often afraid to welcome them back with open arms.

German Fears About U.S. Spying Could Hurt Trade Deal

In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, Germans overwhelmingly said they prefer EU data privacy standards to those of the U.S.

What's A Breath Of Fresh Air Worth? In China, About $860

A Beijing artist who collected a jar of air from Provence, France, sold it at auction "to question China's foul air and express dissatisfaction."

God Save The Queen — And Donetsk, Too?

The eastern Ukrainian city is caught in a tug of war between Kiev and Moscow. A tongue-in-cheek campaign is presenting a third option: annexation by Britain. After all, a Welshman founded it in 1884

Promise Of Jobs Lures Construction Onto Famous Spanish Beach

Valdevaqueros is one of Spain's last unspoiled beaches, but it's slated to disappear soon under a wave of development. The development promises to create jobs, but is more construction what Spain needs now?

As Refugees Stream In, Lebanon Copes With Human Flood Tide

At least a million Syrian refugees are now in Lebanon. The influx is straining the balance in the fragile country of only four million people.