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Officials Dispute Report That Malaysian Jet Kept Flying For Hours

U.S. investigators tell The Wall Street Journal that equipment aboard the missing plane was transmitting for four hours after it is thought to have vanished. Malaysian officials say that's not true.

London Tourist Gets Palace Guard To Smile

A video that has become popular on YouTube shows a tourist getting a member of the Queen's Guard to smile. The guards are usually stoic.

Yatsenyuk Appeals For International Aid For Ukraine

Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk takes his case to the United Nations on Thursday, as he tries to build support for his country in its territorial conflict with Russia.

Venezuela: A Month Of Unrest And Forecasts Of More

Student-led protesters are clashing with the security forces over a range of grievances that include inflation, joblessness, food shortages and high crime. Both sides appear to be digging in.

Report: Syria's Civil War Is Brutal On Children

UNICEF says more than 10,000 children have been killed in the ongoing conflict, and 2.8 million are not in school. David Greene talks to UNICEF's Juliette Touma, who's based in Amman, Jordan.

Political Split In Ukraine Divides Families

One couple has survived many political changes over their 47-year marriage, but the current political crisis in Ukraine is dividing them too.

Aid Package For Ukraine Moves Slowly Through Congress

Democrats and Republicans generally agree that Congress needs to approve an aid package quickly. But it's proven harder than expected for everyone to agree on what should be in that aid package.

One Year Later, 'A Pope For All' Keeps Catholics Guessing

Following two doctrinally conservative leaders, Pope Francis' pastoral approach in his first year has given the Catholic Church a new glow. But it's still unclear where he intends to take the church.

Hitching A Ride On The World's Biggest Cargo Ship

Launched in August, the Maersk McKinney Moller is the first of a new class of megaships. It's 20 stories high and a quarter-mile long. NPR's Jackie Northam hopped on board in Poland.

Senate Panel Clears Ukraine Aid Package

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the bill, which now goes to the full Senate for a vote. The House has its own version.