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Desperation Outweighs Dangers For Europe-Bound Migrants

The drowning of more than 300 African migrants off Italy's Lampedusa island earlier this month jolted the world into awareness of a long-running crisis. Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Somalia and beyond risk their lives each year, traveling by boat to Europe in search of a better life. Scores die en route.

In France, Deportation Of Teenage Girl Ignites Fierce Debate

Leonarda Dibrani, 15, was taken by police during a school field trip and deported along with the rest of her family to Kosovo. French protesters say the action runs counter to the country's values.
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The U.S. And Pakistan

A new Amnesty International report renews the call for greater transparency in the U.S. drone policy in Pakistan and Yemen, saying drones strikes have unlawfully killed civilians, including a 14-year-old boy in one incident. The report comes as Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets with President Barack Obama this week. Kojo explores the debate over drones.

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The Future Of Internet Governance

Ongoing fallout from NSA surveillance programs changes the tone of dialogue between U.S. and countries like Brazil at the annual Internet Governance Forum.


India Arrests Crew Of U.S. Ship For Carrying Weapons

Indian authorities say the vessel was intercepted last week carrying arms that had not been declared.

Egypt's Crackdown On Islamists Spreads To Mosques, Charities

Since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, Egyptian authorities have been systematically trying to break his Muslim Brotherhood. Their most recent target: the mosques and charities that formed a vital part of the Brotherhood's vast social network and helped it dominate recent elections.

Mexico's 'Prison Angel,' Sister Antonia Brenner, Dies At 86

In 1977, she moved into a 10-by-10-foot cell at Tijuana's notorious La Mesa penitentiary, where she came to be known as "La Mama" by the prisoners, whom she called her children.

Report: Norway Looking For Possible Kenyan Mall Attacker

The family of a 23-year-old Somali-born Norwegian citizen who authorities are looking for say they aren't sure if he's still alive.

Is 'Patient Capitalism' The Answer To Poverty?

Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund, shares stories of how "patient capitalism" can bring sustainable jobs, goods, services and dignity to the world's poor.

Will The Rest Of The World Catch Up To The West?

Historian Niall Ferguson explains why, when it comes to amassing wealth, it's been the West versus the rest for the past 500 years. He suggests six killer apps that promote wealth, stability and innovation — and are now shareable.