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Chinese Tech Giant Lenovo Extends Its Reach In U.S.

In January, Lenovo struck deals with two American companies. In a span of one week, the company spent roughly $5 billion to purchase both IBM's low-end server business and Google's Motorola mobile phone business. The moves help establish Lenovo as a global player.

Activists In Sochi Say They're Harassed For Speaking Out

Social activists say they're being silenced by local authorities for calling attention to problems such as corruption and environmental degradation related to the Winter Olympics.

U.S. Takes Bronze In Team Figure Skating In Sochi

Russia won its first Olympic gold on Sunday. The Olympic host took first in the team figure skating, a new event for these games. Canada won silver and the U.S. team won bronze.

Syrian Peace Talks Continue, Civilians Evacuated From Homs

Two Syrian delegations — one from the Assad regime and one from the opposition — are in Geneva for peace talks. Meanwhile, hundreds of civilians have been evacuated from the besieged Syrian city of Homs. They've been able to leave during a ceasefire.

Copenhagen Zoo Euthanizes Giraffe Despite Online Protest

Marius, a healthy 2-year-old male giraffe, was killed, and his body was carved up and fed to lions. The zoo says it was simply trying to prevent inbreeding.

Syrian Official Says 600 Evacuated From Rebel-Held Homs

The refugees were reportedly leaving the besieged city of Homs on the same day that a United Nations aid convoy came under fire.

Swiss Narrowly Approve Rollback Of Immigration Allowances

The referendum was approved by just 50.5 percent of the vote. It effectively ends a "free movement agreement" with the European Union.

New Team Figure Skating Already Has Its Share Of Controversy

The U.S. and Russian teams are fending off accusations from a French sports website that they are colluding to help each other win medals.

Bangladesh Factory Owners Surrender In 2012 Fire That Killed 112

The deaths in the fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory, which supplied U.S. and European retailers, were blamed on blocked exits and managers who prevented workers from escaping.

France Takes A Stand, Crushing Ivory Beneath The Eiffel Tower

France became the first European country this week to join a worldwide effort to destroy ivory. The goal is to send a warning to ivory traffickers and to anyone who might not consider buying it a serious crime.