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Philippines Disaster Rekindles Fight Over Food Aid Reform

The Philippine disaster is an example why it increasingly makes sense to buy food close to where its needed rather than ship it across the globe. Most U.S. food aid, though, travels to hotspots from U.S. ports. Critics say that wastes time and money.

End Of An Era: India's Greatest Cricketer Begins Final Match

Combine the records of baseball legends Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Pete Rose, and that approximates what India's most revered sportsman, Sachin Tendulkar, achieved on the cricket field during his fabled 24-year career. The ascent of the sport's superstar coincided with the rise of the new India.

Obama To Congress: 'Let's See' Before Any New Iran Sanctions

The president says the U.S. should give negotiators more time to reach a deal on Tehran's nuclear program before passing tougher restrictions.

Images of Tacloban: Before and After Typhoon Haiyan

Animated GIFs of satellite images show the before and after effects of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

If Childbirth Isn't Hard Enough, Add An Earthquake And A Typhoon

Audie Cornish talks with Dr. Angelito Umali, maternal health officer for UNFPA Philippines, who's on the island province of Bohol. The UNFPA is addressing maternal health concerns following the Oct. 15 earthquake that destroyed much of Bohol, and added complications brought on by Typhoon Haiyan.

Tacloban Begins To Bury The Dead As Aid Starts Coming In

Aid is beginning to move in the typhoon-hit regions of the Philippines, but many places have yet to be reached. In the city of Tacloban, authorities began burying many of the dead there.

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down On Undocumented Workers

Saudi Arabia has millions of unemployed young people, and authorities in the kingdom have been cracking down on undocumented foreign workers in an effort to open up the jobs they hold to local labor. Many Africans who do the lowest wage jobs have been violently threatened and are trying to turn themselves in to leave Saudi Arabia. Robert Siegel talks with Ellen Knickmeyer, Saudi Arabia correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, about the crackdown on undocumented foreign laborers.

Police Arrest Hundreds In Global Child Porn Sting

Police in Toronto announced the arrest of 348 people and the rescue of 386 children in the culmination of a years-long, worldwide investigation.

What Links Magellan, Gen. MacArthur And Imelda Marcos?

The city of Tacloban was not well-known before a powerful typhoon struck last week. But the city has a long and rich history that dates back five centuries.

What Amazing Thing Did Toronto's Mayor Say Today?

It's too blue for most news organizations to repeat. But on live TV, Mayor Rob Ford addressed some of the latest allegations against him with some very crude comments.