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American WWII Bomb Unearthed, Defused In Central Hong Kong

The 2,000-pound bomb was too big to explode in place — usually the safest option. Instead, it had to be dismantled after some 2,200 residents were evacuated from surrounding apartment buildings.

Syrian Activists Say Al-Qaida Stole Their Revolution

In the last three years, rebels fighting President Bashar Assad have taken control of swaths of northern Syria. In some areas, local councils were set up. Activists hoped for a freer future. But renegade jihadists, linked to al-Qaida, have stormed into these "liberated areas" and attacked activists who launched the uprising against Assad's regime.

Civil War Puts Syria's Cultural Heritage In Peril

In addition to the lives lost in Syria as its conflict rages on, the country's cultural heritage is also being lost. Art and artifacts have been looted, important archeological sites and museums damaged. Renee Montagne talks to UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Culture Francesco Bandarin about the destruction of Syria's cultural heritage and what's being done to protect it.

TV's Dr. House Helps Solve Medical Mystery

A patient in Germany had a combination of puzzling symptoms: heart failure, blindness and swollen lymph nodes. He was referred to a diagnostic specialist, who happens to be a fan of House. He was able to make a diagnosis based on an episode. The problem: cobalt poisoning from a hip replacement.

U.S. Still Working For Syria Resolution, Envoy To U.N. Says

Samantha Power tells NPR the U.S. is enlisting the help of Russia in particular to secure humanitarian access to civilians trapped in the fighting.

In Team Event, Figure Skating Rivals Cheer For Each Other

This is the first Olympics where figure skaters from each country are competing as teams. It's twice the skating, which is great for ratings, but it also means athletes in this individualized sport now have to work together.

In Sochi, An Olympic Artist Sees The 'Possible'

Artist Marc Ahr has been drawing the Olympics for 22 years. For him, it doesn't matter what the press narrative is, how the countries are preparing, or even who wins or loses. Asked about negative news surrounding Sochi, he says that here, "everything is impossible, but everything is possible."

Sochi's Stray Dogs Melt Hearts, And Put Officials On Defensive

The stray dogs roaming Russia's Olympics venues have already become the unofficial mascots of the Winter Games. Olympics officials say no healthy dogs will be destroyed, but animal rights groups worried about the fate of the dogs are taking in as many as they can.

In Eastern Congo, Complex Conflicts And High-Stakes Diplomacy

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold now serves as special envoy to the African Great Lakes, where millions have died and dozens of armed groups scramble to seize land and minerals. He is part of a team of diplomats trying to rid the region, mired in decades of war, of a dizzying array of militias.

Leaked Ukraine Phone Call Puts U.S. Credibility On The Line

An apparent private telephone conversation between two senior American diplomats about the crisis in Ukraine has surfaced on YouTube. In the call, which has not yet been authenticated, the two participants discuss the relative merits of the leaders of Ukraine's opposition movement. One of the callers is also vehemently critical of the European Union. There's speculation that the call is between the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.