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Drawn By Twitter And Trained In Syria, Terrorists Could Turn West

The conflict in Syria has created a new threat: Terrorist groups working there might turn their sights on Europe or the U.S. Syria might be changing terrorism; does this pose a threat to the West?

Former Ukrainian President Surfaces With Speech In Russia

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych made his first public speech since fleeing the country. Financial Times reporter Courtney Weaver discusses the new conference and its reception in Crimea.

'Invisible' Same-Sex Couples Push For Civil Unions In Greece

The LGBT community says Greece is a macho country where being gay means being anti-Greek. Greece currently holds the EU presidency, and activists are using that to spotlight their struggle.

Venezuela Protests Proof President Maduro Lacks Chavez Charisma

Violent protests have filled the streets in Venezuela for the past two weeks. Tell Me More gets the latest from freelance journalist Andrew Rosati in Caracas.

Chinese Paper Calls Outgoing U.S. Envoy 'Yellow-Skinned, White-Hearted Banana Man'

Gary Locke was popular with ordinary Chinese because he was photographed carrying his own backpack and buying his own coffee. Such acts are seen as rare among Chinese officials.

Crisis In Ukraine: Gunmen At Airport; Yanukovych Vows To Return

Russian officials say the men in unmarked uniforms are not from their forces. Ukrainian authorities say otherwise. The ousted president is in Russia and says he will "fight" for his nation's future.

Upheaval In Ukraine Shifts To Crimea Peninsula

Armed men are patrolling two airports in the Ukrainian province of Crimea, and Ukraine's acting president is blaming Russia. Russia says its troops have nothing to do with it.

Soviet Legacy May Fuel Ukraine's Resistance To Russian Domination

Nikita Khrushchev transferred the Crimean peninsula to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954. David Greene talks Nina Khrushcheva, the Soviet leader's great granddaughter about the history.

Drought Could Dry Up Nevada Dairy Farmers' Expansion Plans

Severe drought has left northern Nevada's farmers scrambling to find enough feed for the cows they already have. It comes as farmers are under pressure to expand to provide powdered milk to China.

Secretary Of State Kerry Says Ukraine Is Not A 'Cold War Story'

While Russia carries out military exercises near Ukraine's border and shelters its ousted president, the U.S. is watching closely. But Kerry says Ukraine shouldn't feel pulled between East and West.