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Resignations In Egypt May Be Prelude To General's Presidential Run

All Cabinet ministers are stepping down, the nation's prime minister announced Monday. Among them: Defense Minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who will now be free to seek the presidency.

Ukraine's Yanukovych On Run From Mass Murder Charge

Ousted from office, Viktor Yanukovych is now missing. The acting interior minister says authorities want to arrest Yanukovych and try him for the deaths of scores of protesters last week.

Authorities Finally Nab Mexico's No. 1 Drug Kingpin

Joaquin Guzman known as "El Chapo," was arrested in an early Saturday morning raid in the Pacific beach resort of Mazatlan. Multiple U.S. agencies provided intelligence that helped take down Guzman.

U.S. Authorities Want Mexico To Extradite 'El Chapo'

Joaquin Guzman remains the focus of intense law enforcement interest. The man who occupied a prominent place for years on the DEA's most-wanted list is still wanted to face trial in a U.S. courtroom.

Winter Olympic Closing Ceremony Held In Sochi

The closing ceremony included all the pomp and pageantry you'd expect from the games. South Korea will host the Winter Olympics in 2018.

British TV Criticized For Airing E-Cigarette Commercial

The first commercial for electronic cigarettes has aired on British TV screens. Some medical authorities fear it is sending the wrong message. Five decades ago, cigarette ads were banned in Britain.

Developments In Ukraine Complicate Russia's Strategy

David Greene talks to Dmitri Trenin, director of the independent Carnegie Moscow Center, about the weekend's dramatic developments in Ukraine, and how they affect Russia's strategic position.

Ukraine President's Estate Included Exotic Zoo

When he fled Kiev, Viktor Yanukovych left behind an opulent mansion that underscores the problems many Ukrainians say plague their country: widespread government corruption and a huge income gap.

Orphans' Lonely Beginnings Reveal How Parents Shape A Child's Brain

Izidor Ruckel lived in a Romanian orphanage where children were neglected. Scientists say that lack of attention can damage a child's brain. But Ruckel thinks his adoptive parents' love saved him.

American Held In Israel For 1997 Murder Is Killed In Prison Shootout

Samuel Sheinbein fled to Israel after murdering a Maryland teen. He claimed Israeli citizenship but was later convicted and had been serving a long prison term near Tel Aviv.