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Could The Conflict In Ukraine Turn Into A Regional War?

Nearly 300 people died after a Malaysian Airlines plane crashed near the Russian-Ukrainian border. European security expert F. Stephen Larrabee explains what this might mean for the volatile region.

From Scratch Or Not? French Restaurant Law Stirs Controversy

A French law requires restaurants that sell homemade food to display a label on their menu to distinguish them from places that use frozen or vacuum-packed food. But critics say the law is too vague.

Straightening Sisay's Spine: A Twist Of Fate Saves A Boy's Life

Thousands of children in Ethiopia suffer from scoliosis so severe that humps grow from their backs. After two spinal surgeries, one little boy now hopes he'll be able to play soccer with his friends.

Dozens Killed As Libyan Militias Battle For Tripoli's Airport

The fighting in the North African country is some of the worst since the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.

In Crowded Gaza, Civilians Have Few Places To Flee

Israel warned Palestinian residents days in advance that it planned to attack a Gaza City neighborhood. But in the cramped territory, there are few places for residents to take refuge.

White House Faces Foreign Crises On Multiple Fronts

NPR's Cokie Roberts and Ari Shapiro, and Fiona Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, discuss the shooting down of a passenger jet in Ukraine and the Israeli military invasion of Gaza.

International Observers Work To Keep Tabs On Site Of Malaysia Jet Crash

At the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines jet in eastern Ukraine, international observers are trying to keep tabs on the rebels' treatment of victims' bodies and potential evidence from the scene.

Migrant Heads Home To Mexico — And Joins Fight Against Cartel

In the Mexican state of Michoacan, civilian militias have put a powerful drug cartel, the Knights Templar, on the run. Among the vigilantes are migrants, like Reny Pineda, returning from the U.S.

Death Toll Climbs In Israel-Gaza Conflict Amid Attempts At Cease-Fire

Israel widened its operation into Gaza Sunday and each side had the highest death toll of this two-week-old conflict. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to Daniel Estrin in Jerusalem about this deadly day.

With Plane Crash, Conflict In Ukraine Back In World Spotlight

Secretary of State John Kerry says evidence is mounting that Russian-backed separatists downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. New Republic editor Julia Ioffe discusses the tensions with NPR's Kelly McEvers.