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Adman Was King Of The One-Liners, But Knew Where To Draw The Line

David Abbott brought his signature brand of crisp, catchy copy-writing to ads for The Economist magazine and Volvo. Abbott passed away this month at age 75.

Expanding The Panama Canal: The Problem Is Money, Not Mosquitoes

A century after the canal opened, it's being expanded to accommodate some of the world's biggest cargo ships. But the project has been delayed by a $1.6 billion financial dispute.

An American Suicide Bomber In Syria

The U.S. State Department has confirmed that an American was involved in carrying out a suicide attack. The man, who was fighting in Syria against President Bashar Assad's regime, had ties to Florida.

25 Years From Tiananmen, China Strives To Keep Activists Silent

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, and human rights observers say that Chinese authorities are cracking down more than ever on activists and intellectuals. Maya Wang, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, discusses the dubious anniversary and the harsh response that has followed.

Activist Icon Resigns, As The Threads Of Her Stories Unravel

Somaly Mam gained an international following in her crusade against sex trafficking, partly because of her own story of childhood sex slavery. Now, though, that story is under scrutiny, and Mam has resigned from the organization she leads. Melissa Block speaks with Simon Marks, former executive editor of The Cambodia Daily, whose recent Newsweek cover piece is credited with raising sharp questions about Mam's history.

U.S. Confirms American Carried Out Suicide Bombing In Syria

An affiliate of al-Qaida fighting against the Syrian government tweeted the "martyrdom" of the U.S. jihadi earlier this week.
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India's New Prime Minister

In a historic election, Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India last week. The right-wing Hindu nationalist won in a landslide, ending more than half a century of political domination of the Nehru-Gandhi family dynasty and the Congress party.

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The National Museum of African Art at 50

In 1964, a former U.S. State Department diplomat started the Museum of African Art in a historic Capitol Hill townhouse once owned by Frederick Douglass...


Thailand's Military Ruler Says No Elections For At Least A Year

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, who seized power last week, also warned anti-coup protesters, saying they lack a "true understanding of democracy."

Dengue Fever 101: How Serious Is This Disease?

The odds are that a victim will recover. But the mosquito-borne virus can be incredibly painful. It's also a growing health concern around the globe and has even been spotted in the United States.