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In U.S., Mudslides Common, But Usually Few Deaths

As teams continue digging through the wreckage of the small communities destroyed by the Washington state mudslide, we answer some questions about this natural phenomenon.

Russia's Energy Market Heft Leaves Neighbors Unsettled

Moscow has long used its energy exports to win political concessions from its neighbors. In the last decade, Russia has twice threatened to cut off its natural gas supplies to Ukraine.

Anger Boils Over For Families Of Flight 370 Passengers

Many relatives of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are furious at being told that there is no hope of finding their relatives alive — and many are convinced of a conspiracy.

Egyptian Town Reeling Over Mass Death Sentence

More than 500 people in Matea, Egypt, have been sentenced to death. On one street alone, a juice store owner, a sweets shop owner, a doctor and more than 20 others have been condemned.

Monsignor Brings Pope's Tweets To The World, In Latin

Vatican Latinist Monsignor Daniel Gallagher has a unique job: He translates Pope Francis's tweets into Latin. And with 231,000 followers, the @Pontifex_ln Twitter handle is a hit.

Paris Poised To Elect City Of Light's First Female Mayor

Two women are leading the race to be the next mayor of Paris — but the contest between them is as much about class and gender politics as local government.

In Ukraine's Industrial Heart, An Economic Affinity With Russia

In Eastern Ukraine, the country's industrial heartland, many workers fear for their jobs if Ukraine joins the European Union.

Obama Aims To Soothe Strained Relations In Saudi Arabia

President Obama met Friday with the king of Saudi Arabia. There's considerable friction in the U.S.-Saudi relationship at the moment, with key differences over Syria and Iran.

Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg Will Be NATO's Next Secretary-General

The former prime minister of Norway will take over as head of the alliance in October from current Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Iranians Begin To Feel The Heavy Burden Of Syria's War

Iran has been a close ally of Syria for decades and a staunch supporter in Syria's current war. But a growing number of Iranians are questioning the costs of backing President Bashar Assad.