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Germany Widens Spy Investigation Reportedly Involving U.S.

News reports say police raided the home and office of an official in the German Defense Ministry. It comes just days after the arrest of a man last week for allegedly passing secrets to the U.S.

Flop Life: What If We All Acted Like We Were In The World Cup?

A new parody video depicts people gently bumping into one another in normal settings such as cafes and groceries — but with calamitous results.

As Deadline Nears, Snowden Seeks To Extend His Stay In Russia

Edward Snowden's asylum in Russia, which was granted last August, is set to expire at the end of this month.

5,000 Years Old: Ancient Yew Tree Identified In Wales

While it's not exceptionally tall, the tree has a wide canopy. And it dates back to the era of Egypt's great pyramids.

Defending Tour De France Champ Froome Quits Race

After falling twice in treacherous conditions on today's stage of the bicycle race, Chris Froome is forced to abandon his quest to repeat last year's victory.

Volunteer Recap: A Bumpy (And Itchy) Ride Through Tanzania

Nick Stadlberger, a medical student at Dartmouth, spent a month volunteering at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam. The scariest moment, he says, was when he boarded a dala dala bus.

This Kenyan Runner Can't See But He Has A Far-Reaching Vision

Henry Wanyoike lost his sight two years after graduating from high school. That didn't stop him from running — and bringing the joy of sports to other disabled Kenyans.

Brazil Reels From Thrashing That Bounced It From World Cup

To say Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany stunned the host country would risk giving the impression that its fans aren't feeling intense pain at this defeat.

Israel Continues Gaza Offensive, Hints At Ground Operation

Israel says the offensive, which has so far killed at least 53 people and wounded 465, is needed to end rocket attacks from Gaza. Those attacks are continuing, and hitting major Israeli cities.

Gas In Egypt Is 78 Percent More Expensive Now Than Last Week

Egypt's government has slashed subsidies on fuel. While economists say the subsidy decrease is necessary to address the deficit, already-suffering middle class and poor Egyptians are furious.