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U.S.-Cuba Talks First Step In Long Process Of Restoring Relations

U.S. diplomats have wrapped up two days of talks with Cuban officials — the highest-level meeting in 35 years. The aim is to start talking through how to restore diplomatic relations following the historic warming of ties announced last month by President Obama and President Raul Castro.

New Generation Of Saudi Royals In Line To Run Country

For 62 years, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by sons of the founder of the Kingdom, Abdul Aziz. Robert Siegel talks to Middle East specialist Joseph Braude about Saudi succession.

After The Slaughter, A Pakistani School Seeks To Heal

In northwest Pakistan, a school has reopened after last month's Taliban attack that killed more than 130. Most of the survivors chose to come back, but the healing will take years, they say.

Ukrainian Separatists Reportedly Abandon Peace Talks

The rebels are reported to have seized control of the Donetsk Airport days after the Kiev government had declared it had taken the destroyed facility.

For The Saudis, A Smooth Succession At A Difficult Moment

The royal family carried out the transition to a new monarch without a hitch. Still, the region is facing unprecedented turmoil and King Salman assumes the monarchy with several major challenges.

Who Is The New Saudi King?

King Salman, 79, presided over the transformation of the Saudi capital, with a record of good governance, but he isn't known as a reformer and is unlikely to shift the course of Saudi politics.

Argentine President Now Says Prosecutor's Death 'Not A Suicide'

Alberto Nisman, who accused the Argentinian leader of covering up Iran's role in a 1994 terrorist attack, was found shot dead in his apartment on Sunday.

Dear World: Bill And Melinda Gates Have 'Big Bets' For 2030

Their annual letter to the public has been published. They're betting that in 15 years, polio will be eradicated, Africa will feed itself and 2 billion people will use their phones as mobile banks.

Yemeni Rebels Call For Mass Rallies After President Steps Down

The Houthis, who control the capital, Sanaa, are apparently hoping to exploit a power vacuum left by the resignation of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government.

How Do You Expose An Anonymous Company?

Charmian Gooch's mission is to "out" corrupt companies. She details how global corruption trackers follow the money — to some surprisingly familiar places.