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ISIS Extremist Who Beheaded Prisoners Is Identified As Man From London

Intelligence sources say the militant known as "Jihadi John" has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi and that he is a college-educated, British citizen of Kuwaiti descent.

Police In Sweden Get A Call About ISIS Party

Police received word about possible sympathizers to the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Balloons read: IS. The balloons actually read: 21. They were for a 21st birthday party.

'No End In Sight' For Sept. 11 Proceedings At Guantanamo Bay

Endless preliminary motions, official shenanigans and a lack of legal precedent have mired the recently created war court in fitful proceedings. It could be years before the case ever goes to trial.

Greek Finance Minister Gets A Chance To Fix Beleaguered Economy

Greece has been renegotiating its bailout deal with the European Union. The man guiding the country is new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. A few years ago he was working for a video game company.

U.S. Steps Up Commitment To Fight Malaria

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a six-year extension of a program to combat malaria around the globe.

Indonesia's New President Runs Into Political Challenges

Just over three months in office, there are serious questions as to whether Joko Widodo can stand up to the national political elites and their vested interests.

French Authorities Pursue Drones Spotted Flying Over Paris

Small drones have been seen flying illegally above high-security landmarks in Paris recently. Officials say they don't pose much risk, but the city is still on edge after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Global Rules Of Greeting Vary, But Biden And Travolta Get No Support

The vice president and the actor are getting panned for the way they greeted women in the past week. That made us wonder: What's the greeting etiquette in parts of the world we cover in our blog?

Controversial Austrian Law Encourages Teaching Islam In German

Robert Siegel talks to Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, about revising a 1912 law giving Muslims the same rights as Christians and Jews.

Terrorism Fears Complicate Money Transfers For Somali-Americans

Regulations intended to block money from getting to terrorist groups has led the last bank that handles most money transfers from the United States to Somalia to pull out of the business.