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Up In Northeastern Turkey, The Whistles Of A Secret Language

Onur Guentuerkuen, a biological psychologist at Bochum University in Germany, has studied the Turkish whistling language. It can be understood up to almost four miles away.

Greek Prime Minister Resigns To Pave Way For New Elections

After less than seven months in office, the Greek prime minister announced Thursday he will resign to pave the way for early elections on September 20.

U.N. Criticizes Saudi-Backed Operations In Yemen, But U.S. Stays Silent

The United Nations and others in the international community are increasing their criticism of Saudi-backed operations in Yemen, but the U.S. is still backing its ally.

Weather Complaints Affirmed: NOAA Says July Was Hottest Month Globally On Record

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that July had the highest average temperatures since records have been kept.

Preventing Armageddon: The Economic Hurdles Of Asteroid Defense

Some scientists say we should be doing more to protect the Earth from asteroids. The technical issues are relatively easy, but the economics of asteroid defense are much harder.

Small Time Smuggler Helps Migrants Reach Greece On The Cheap

NPR meets a man who helps smuggle Iraqi migrants from Turkey to Greece. The journey is dangerous, and paying the fee does not guarantee the migrants will make it to their destination.

France's Le Pen Forced Out Of Far-Right Party He Founded

The long-time head of France's anti-immigration National Front was expelled at the behest of his daughter, the party's current president, following remarks he made downplaying the Holocaust.

Greek PM Steps Down, Calls New Elections, In Wake Of Bailout Deal

Alexis Tsipras, fresh from a bruising battle to push a European bailout plan through parliament, will resign ahead of fresh elections set for Sept. 20.

A Witness To History: Guest DJ Arturo O'Farrill

Alt.Latino talks to a bandleader with deep roots in Cuban music and a role in current events. O'Farrill just released a new album called Cuba: The Conversation Continues.
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African Diaspora International Film Festival

This year's African Diaspora International Film Festival features a film from the burgeoning Ethiopian movie industry and a documentary about President Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. We speak with the festival's director and two filmmakers.