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Europe's Latest Grass-Roots Movement: Cannabis Social Clubs

Europeans are developing a third option that lies somewhere between legalization and prohibition of marijuana: limited use in private clubs.

'Shadow' And 'D-12' Sing An Infectious Song About Ebola

It's said to be the first song about Ebola, written by two up-and-coming Liberian music producers. The message: "Ebola is very wicked. It can kill you quick quick."

Islamic State Militants Add To Fears Syrians Face From Assad Regime

Kelly McEvers talks to Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim, who's in the besieged city of Aleppo, about the state of the conflict in Syria. Erhaim is with the Syrian Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Rare Good News Regarding 5 Ebola Patients In Nigeria

David Greene talks to freelance journalist Yinka Ibukun for the latest news about the Ebola outbreak in Lagos, Nigeria. The outbreak is happening while a doctor's strike is underway in the country.

World's Aid Agencies Stretched To Their Limits By Simultaneous Crises

USAID's Nancy Lindborg: "What we have now ... are really complex, difficult crises that are fundamentally the result of non-democratic governments."

U.S. Says Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile Is Destroyed

President Obama said it was an important step in preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction, but added that Syria must still destroy its other weapons production facilities.

Cease-Fire In Gaza Reportedly Extended 24 Hours

The previous cease-fire lasted five days and expired at midnight. Unlike other deal extensions, there have been no reports of rockets fired or Israeli action. Talks continue with mediators in Egypt.

Experimental Vaccine For Chikungunya Passes First Test

Using a new technology, scientists have created a vaccine for an emerging mosquito-borne virus. The vaccine was safe and produced some degree of immunity in a preliminary study.

The Man Behind The Islamic State

Retired U.S. Marine Col. Gary Anderson offers Audie Cornish a primer on the leader of the Islamic State militant group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Designs Behind Airstrikes — And The Damage They've Dealt

As U.S. deputy commander in Iraq until January 2011, Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero oversaw targeting for airstrikes during 17 months of the troop surge there. He tells Robert Siegel that for such strikes to be effective, they must be one part of a larger, overarching strategy.