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Twin Car Bombs Kill More Than 100 In Nigeria

The explosions came about a half-hour apart at a bus terminal and market in the city of Jos. Officials suspect the same militant Islamist group that kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls last month.

UK Government Asks: What's The Greatest Challenge Of Our Time?

In 1714, the British government established a prize to solve the greatest challenge of that time: Pinpoint a ship's location at sea by knowing its longitude. Now, 300 years later, it's bringing back the Longitude Prize. This time, the public will choose the greatest challenge in a vote that begins Thursday.

Brash On The Campaign Trail, Modi Steps Into Parliament Humble

Narendra Modi made his maiden visit to the halls of India's parliament Tuesday, shortly after being unanimously voted his party's leader. Then, he was off to the presidential palace to receive the invitation to form a government.

In A Bid To End Political Impasse, Thai Army Imposes Martial Law

Thailand's army imposed martial law overnight, as the country's political crisis continues to deepen. Journalist Michael Sullivan reports on the crisis from Bangkok.

Coup Or Not, It's Business As Usual For Most Thais

After the army declared martial law, on the streets of Bangkok, it's mostly soldiers and selfies.

25 Years On, Mothers Of Tiananmen Square Dead Seek Answers

A bullet to the head killed Zhang Xianling's son near Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. Since then, she has led a group demanding the truth and accountability for those deaths.

Third Of French Are On Psychoactive Drugs, Agency Says

Too many French citizens are regular or occasional users of prescription drugs such as antidepressants and sleeping pills, a government health agency says.

Hero Or Villain? Historical Ukrainian Figure Symbolizes Today's Feud

More than a half-century after his death, Stepan Bandera is a deeply divisive figure in the current battle. Ukrainian nationalists put up posters of him while pro-Russian separatists burn his effigy.

The Secret Players In The Russia-Ukraine Game

Is the Chechen military fighting for Russia in Ukraine? If so, these covert operations could have significant and dangerous consequences.

In China, Anger At U.S. Hacking Charges — And Claims Of Hypocrisy

Citing U.S. surveillance and wiretapping operations, China says the U.S. has double standards on cybersecurity. The angry response came a day after the U.S. accused five Chinese officials of hacking.