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Broken Promises And Bleak Economics Fuel El Salvador's Troubles

Part 3 of Armando Trull's series: El Salvador’s poor are getting caught in the middle of a deadly free-for-all between gangs intent on holding their positions and police forces that show unchecked aggression.


As Opponents Rally Outside The Capitol, Clinton Unveils Broad Iran Plan

As Congress debates the Iran nuclear deal, the presidential candidates — from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump — weigh in on the agreement and expose the political fault lines on national security.

Austrian Town Historically Welcoming To Refugees Overwhelmed By Crisis

A small provincial town in Austria is home to the country's largest refugee center. But even though they have been helping refugees for many decades, residents have never known a crisis like the current one.

Puerto Rico's Governor Announces Plan To Reduce $72 Billion Debt

Puerto Rico's governor has announced a plan to reduce the island's $72 billion debt and restore fiscal stability through cutting spending and increasing tax collections. But it also depends on help from Washington, D.C., and renegotiating debt terms with lenders. Unless there's action, Puerto Rico says it will run out of cash by June.

Trump, Cruz Headline Tea Party Rally Against Iran Nuclear Deal

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told the crowd that if the Iran deal goes through, the Obama administration will be the "world's leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism."

European Commission President Calls For Refugee Quota Plan

The head of the European commission has outlined a plan for more European countries to share responsibility for resettling refugees from the Middle East and Africa. But a number of European Union states have objected to the plan.

John Oliver Says U.S. Students Learn Virtually Nothing About Africa

So we asked a former U.S. student who went to live in Africa to come up with 11 factoids — a crash course on the continent. Note: We will not test you on these facts.


Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Rally Against Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump joined Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on the Capitol for a rally condemning the Iran nuclear deal.

The Surge Of Refugees In Europe Could Be Just The First Wave

Millions of Syrian refugees have been waiting out the war in neighboring states. But as the fighting grinds on, and Europe starts to open the doors, additional waves of refugees may head north.

Why Some Canadian Maple Syrup Producers Are Defying Their 'Cartel'

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has been called the OPEC of the liquid sweetener. Lately, some maple producers and buyers say they've fallen victim to its bullying tactics.