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In Buddhist-Majority Myanmar, Muslim Minority Gets Pushed To The Margins

As Myanmar has opened up its political system, it has unleashed long suppressed tensions. The Rohingya Muslims have been hard hit, with many driven from their homes and now confined to camps.

State Department Issues Warning For Americans To Leave Libya

The upgraded travel warning says "various groups" have called for attacks against U.S. personnel in the country.

White House Counsel To Look Into Accidental Leak Of CIA Name

The Obama administration has asked its top lawyer to investigate how the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan showed up on documents distributed to reporters.

As Poland Buries Its Last Communist Leader, An Old Debate Is Dredged

Poland's last Communist leader, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, has died, leaving Poles a difficult question: What honor befits a man with such a complicated legacy? Konstanty Gebert, a Warsaw journalist, explains.

Egyptian Media Encourages Voters To Get To Polls — Or Else

Egypt has added a third day of voting in its presidential election. With Abdel Fattah al-Sisi relying on voter turnout to legitimize his election, the government-allied media is exhorting Egyptians to vote or be considered traitors.

From Kiev, An Olive Branch For Russia — And A Saber For Separatists

Ukraine's favorite oligarch is poised to become its president. Petro Poroshenko wants peace talks with Russia, but he supports military action against the armed insurgents he compares to Somali pirates. The billionaire confectioner is promising to pacify the restive east, end corruption and move Ukraine closer to Europe — all while maintaining ties with Moscow. Analysts say he will need help — and a dose of good luck.

In European Elections, Far-Right Parties Enjoy A Day In The Sun

For more details on the European elections, Robert Siegel speaks with Ambassador Ivo Daalder, the president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former U.S. permanent representative to NATO.

Obama Sets A Number For U.S. Troop Levels In Afghanistan

President Obama intends to keep a force of 9,800 American troops after the end of 2014. The troops will remain in the country to train Afghan forces and support counterterrorism operations.

Peat Bog The Size Of England Discovered In Congo Republic

The previously undiscovered expanse of ancient, partially decayed vegetation, could cover as much as 80,000 square miles.

Smugglers Thrive On Syria's Chaos, Looting Cultural Treasures

The country's spectacular antiquities are being plundered by rebels, organized criminal groups and desperate civilians. Many items go across the border to Lebanon.