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Russian Activist Masha Gessen And The Art Of Dissent

The Russian-American journalist joins Kojo to discuss the rise of anti-gay laws in Russia, the upcoming Sochi Olympics and the art of dissent.


U.N. Says Authorities, Locals In Myanmar Killed Dozens Of Muslims

The government has denied the massacre ever happened. Now, the U.N. is asking for an investigation.

Ukraine Protests Spread, But 'Fragile Truce' Holds In Kiev

In several cities now, demonstrators are in the streets protesting corruption and demanding that President Viktor Yanukovich schedule new elections.

Dry January: Giving Up Booze For A Month Does Have Benefits

For regular drinkers, the New Year's resolution tradition may involve what's known as a dry January: giving up booze for a month. But could such a short-term breakup with alcohol really impart any measurable health benefits? A small but intriguing study suggests yes.

30 Elderly Residents Still Missing After Fire In Quebec

The blaze at a complex that housed the elderly quickly engulfed much of the building. Investigators were having a hard time searching for victims because water used to fight the flames had frozen over the scene. A key question: Why was the complex only partially fitted with sprinklers?

Mediator: Syria, Opposition Will Have Face-To-Face Meeting

The two sides are expected to be in the same room on Saturday. Only the international mediator is expected to speak.

Mobs Blame Muslim Brotherhood After Bombs Rock Cairo

A huge explosion outside a security headquarters killed at least four people and wounded dozens. Three smaller explosions later left at least two more people dead. Cairo is on edge this weekend, which marks the third anniversary of protests that led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

Drowning In Debt, Bike Sharing's Bixi Files For Bankruptcy

Montreal-based Bixi, which came up with the bike sharing systems offered in many American cities, has filed for bankruptcy. Renee Montagne talks with Andy Riga of the Montreal Gazette about where things went wrong for Bixi, and the future prospects of its operations in North America.

Negotiations Begin At Syrian Peace Talks In Geneva

After the formal opening of the Syria peace conference in the Swiss resort of Montreux, government and opposition representatives begin negotiations Friday at United Nations headquarters in Geneva. International envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is mediating the talks.

Cynical Syrians Dismiss Peace Talks As Irrelevant

From a health center on the Syrian-Turkish border full of wounded fighters and civilians, the peace talks in Geneva seem a long way away. Some dismiss them as totally irrelevant to the conflict, saying none of the participants represent them. Others welcome anything that looks like it might bring peace closer.