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British Muslim Family Barred From California-Bound Flight, With No Reason Given

The family of eleven had valid travel permits, and was set to visit Disneyland and see relatives in California. They don't know why they were not allowed to board.

At Least 70 Missing After Landslide Buries Industrial Park In Southern China

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Jennifer Turner, director of the Woodrow Wilson Center's China Environment Forum, about the toxic waste disaster in Shenzhen, China.

English Chef Recreates Dinners Of Christmas Past

A chef in the North of England is recreating the Christmas dinners of two centuries ago.

Another Burning Miss Universe Query: Why Did Miss Honduras Wear Skulls?

It turns out the skulls have many layers of symbolism, from Mayan lore to modern-day issues.

Iran Sanctions Could Be Lifted As Soon As January

The country has been dismantling parts of its nuclear program more quickly than many expected. When international inspectors confirm Iran has met its obligations, many sanctions will be lifted.

Liberia's Dancing Christmas Devils Could Give Krampus A Lesson In Niceness

They tower on stilts, they're draped in hay, they dance like crazy and demand a holiday tip. But don't worry — they're really nice!

Pill Prices Are Hiked Up All The Time In The Low-Income World

The controversy over Turing Pharmaceuticals is just one example. And the results for patients can be devastating.

Russia Marks Crimea Annexation With A Banknote Rapidly Losing Value

The 100-ruble note is worth about half of what it was worth in February 2014, just before Russia seized the Black Sea peninsula. The ruble could depreciate even more in the coming year.
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The Diane Rehm Show’s 12 Favorite Moments From 2015

With two hours of live radio every day, it’s pretty much impossible to make a succinct “best of” list for any given year, but the show's producers have pulled out 12 of their favorites.


Spaniards Snap Up Holiday Hams, Even After Cancer Warning

Ham is the most popular family gift at Christmastime in Spain. And some Spaniards are feeling defiant after the World Health Organization's warning that processed meats are linked to cancer.