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Most Of D.C. Region's Lawmakers Back Plan To Arm Syrian Rebels

The House has passed a bill that authorizes the arming of moderate rebel groups in Syria — it's a vote that most, though not all, local lawmakers supported.


Iranian Official Shares Little About Detained U.S. Reporter

On July 22, Tehran-based Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian was detained by Iranian authorities. Steve Inskeep talks to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about the case.

Scottish Voters Cast Ballots On Whether To Cut Ties To U.K.

Voting is underway in Scotland on a referendum that will decide if the country becomes independent. British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised Scotland more autonomy if it stays in the union.

Kerry Briefs Skeptic Senators On Coalition Plans Against ISIS

President Obama says more than 40 countries are joining together to fight the Islamic State militants. Secretary of State John Kerry has returned from a trip to try to put together a coalition.

ISIS Militants Found To Have American-Made Weapons

Audie Cornish talks to Shawn Harris of Conflict Arms Research about how the Islamic State militants acquire weapons. Harris embedded with Kurdish troops in order to trace weapons from the battlefield.

Teen Voters Could Sway Outcome Of Scotland's Independence Vote

Voters go to the polls on Thursday to decide whether to remain part of the United Kingdom. For the first time in U.K. history, 16 and 17 year olds are being allowed to take part in the referendum.

Doctor Says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has 'Rare ... Difficult' Cancer

The mayor, who made international news after he admitted to smoking crack, dropped out of the mayoral race last week. Ford's doctor said he was "optimistic."

Here's What Tomorrow's U.K. Newspapers Are Saying About Scotland's Vote

Scotland votes Thursday on whether to become an independent country. The polls show the two sides are neck and neck. British newspapers, as expected, are leading with the story.

Transcript: Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif's Full NPR Interview

NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about the U.S. approach to combating extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, and the talks on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

House Passes Bill That Authorizes Arming Syrian Rebels

Even though it was backed by both party leaders, the vote split politicians within their own ranks. The final tally on the narrow military measure was 273 to 156.