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Australia: Search For Missing Airliner To Enter 'New Phase'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says it's time to concentrate on searching the seafloor, but he acknowledges that at this point, it is possible nothing from MH370 will ever be found.

Egyptian Court Hands Down 683 Death Sentences

It's the second mass death sentence in just two months in Egypt; however, all but 37 of the 529 people convicted in March had their sentences commuted.

U.S. Announces New Sanctions On Russia Over Ukraine Unrest

President Obama says the U.S. and European partners want the new economic sanctions against Moscow to change the calculus over the situation in Ukraine.

Mass Trial In Egypt Sentences 683 To Death

More than 680 alleged supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president have been sentenced to death for acts of violence last August. Included was the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader.

Stronger Patent Protections Sought In Pacific Rim Trade Pact

Diverse industries, from pharmaceuticals to film, are lobbying for strict patent protections in the Trans-Pacific trade deal.

Russia Faces Further Sanction Over Its Actions In Ukraine

U.S. and European Union officials are meeting to impose more sanctions on Russia. At the same time, pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine continue to hold a group of European military observers.

In Pakistan, Ultra-Conservative Rivals Attack Moderate Muslims

Most Pakistanis follow a form of Islam that's entwined with South Asia's mystical Sufi tradition. They are known as Barelvis, and they are under attack from hardline Deobandis Muslims.

Skepticism Of Effort To Remove Syria's Weapons Remains Strong

Nearly 90 percent of Syria's chemical weapons have been removed from the country for destruction. At the same time, there are unconfirmed reports of chlorine bomb attacks by the Syrian government. NPR's Eric Westervelt talks to chemical weapons expert Amy Smithson.

'Have Mercy On Our Little Ones': Kidnapping Agonizes Nigerians

More than 200 schoolgirls were taken from a remote town, horrifying the country. The government has been blamed for an inadequate response to the kidnapping, and to extremism in general.

Aleppo Now A De Facto 'Partition City' In Syria

Sam Dagher of the Wall Street Journal, reporting from the front lines of the war in Syria, talks to NPR's Eric Westervelt about his recent trip to Aleppo. Once a showcase of the country's diversity and culture, today it represents the ghastly, grinding stalemate of Syria's civil war.