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Latest Sexual Assault In India Underscores U.N. Chief's Call For Action

As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demands a global end to violence against women, a 35-year-old is molested and shot in front of her husband and five children in India's northeast.

Ex-Ambassador To Syria: Civil War Could Drag On For Years

Robert Ford resigned as U.S. ambassador to Syria earlier this year. He tells NPR's Robert Siegel that it became impossible for him to defend the Obama administration's policies in the country.

Women 'Complain A Lot, Interrupt,' Developer Says At Conference

At a tech conference in Berlin, a developer compared a software plug-in framework to his girlfriend, saying she "complains, interrupts" and "doesn't play well with others."

In Keynote Speech, Obama Marks A Quarter-Century Of Polish Democracy

President Obama is delivering the keynote address of his current trip to Europe in Poland. Earlier in the day, Obama is meeting with the president-elect of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Chinese Authorities Ensure Tiananmen Anniversary Passes Quietly

Twenty-five years ago, Chinese soldiers backed by tanks cracked down on protesters, shooting hundreds and possibly thousands of unarmed civilians in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The Chinese mourned victims in private Wednesday, as Tiananmen Square evinced a heavy security presence.

Last Of The Navajo 'Code Talkers' Dies At 93

Chester Nez, one of 29 Navajo men who used their native language to secure U.S. military communications during World War II, died of kidney failure on Wednesday.

Move Over, Kate Middleton, For Spain's 'Middle-Class Queen'

The granddaughter of a taxi driver, Letizia Ortiz is an ex-TV anchor and a divorcee, and will be the first commoner ever to grace the Spanish throne. She's also more popular than her in-laws.

The Thai Protest That's Straight From 'The Hunger Games'

The silent, three-finger salute from the smash movie and book series has been catching fire among demonstrators in a country where the military has banned most every form of protest.

A New Way To Unclog A Toilet (At Your Own Risk)

This is definitely not your dad's rubber plunger. This week's featured innovation, from South Korea, is a plastic film that sticks to the bowl and helps create clog-clearing positive pressure.

After Tiananmen Square, New Lives On A New Continent

After the democracy protests were crushed in 1989, many thought China would turn inward. Instead, a million Chinese citizens moved to Africa. Howard French discusses his book China's Second Continent.