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Where The Girls Are (And Aren't): #15Girls

Most of the world's girls still face discrimination at nearly every point in their lives — in some cases, even before they are born.
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The Syrian Crisis Hits Home: The U.S. Prepares to Resettle Thousands of Refugees

The ongoing conflict in Syria has created a major humanitarian crisis, resulting in waves of refugees fleeing the country. Last month, President Obama vowed to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next 12 months. We explore both how and where those escaping war will be resettled, as well as efforts to bring justice to those who have committed atrocities during the conflict.


Crowds Of Migrants And Refugees Prompt Slovenia To Deploy Army

Faced with delays, hundreds of people are being forced to camp outdoors along the route that they hope ends in Austria, Germany and other European Union nations.

A Child Who Feels 'Left Behind' Can Still Get Ahead

But the kid has to have a plan. That's the lesson from a study of rural Chinese children whose parents have left the village to work in faraway cities.

Trudeau Elected Canada's Prime Minister As Liberals Assume Power

"We beat fear with hope," said Justin Trudeau, whose party won nearly 40 percent of the vote. The election of the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau could strengthen ties with the U.S.

Trudeau Upsets Harper, As 'Liberal Wave' Takes Canada's Prime Minister Post

After his victory, Justin Trudeau, 43, touted "sunny ways" to a boisterous crowd in Montreal, a reference to his insistence on running a positive campaign.

In Israeli Shops, Knives Get Harder To Find, Demand For Guns Goes Up

In light of recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians, some Israeli supermarkets have taken knives off their shelves. Some Israelis say it's also time for Jewish citizens to buy more guns.

With All Eyes On ISIS, Al-Qaida Quietly Rebuilds

Its branch in Yemen is taking advantage of the unrest there to get new recruits and grab land. Leaders have called jihadists back into service and is preparing for when ISIS is no longer ascendant.

Canada's Liberal Party Wins Handily In What Was Expected To Be Tight Race

Canada's Liberal Party won a majority of seats in the House of Commons. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was hoping for a fourth term. Instead, he resigned as chairman of the Conservative Party.

In A Remote Seaside Town, China Envisions A New 'Silk Road'

China is investing billions to develop the Pakistani port of Gwadar and a transportation network that runs all the way to western China. It's part of the larger effort to revive the famed Silk Road.