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UN Report Puts Afghan Opium Poppy Cultivation At Record High

A U.N. report on the Afghan poppy harvest shows a sharp increase in cultivation and says the production of opium could rise 50 percent. The Pentagon has already pointed to the increase and says the Taliban is involved in protecting the poppy fields and controlling the drug routes. Besides funding the Taliban, officials say the increased opium yield will only add to one of the most nagging problems in the country: government corruption.

Typhoon Victims Struggle To Survive As Aid Is Slow To Arrive

Military aircraft are flying supplies into the Philippines, but the goods haven't reached many of those who need them. As officials assess what's needed, food aid has been looted. Meanwhile, desperate crowds push up against the local airport's fences, hoping to get on a plane out of Tacloban.

The Challenges And Limitations Of Disaster Donations

After Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines, people around the world responded to calls for donations to help with the aftermath. But what are the limits and challenges of sending contributions and charitable donations to the storm victims? Audie Cornish speaks with Robert Ottenhoff, president of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to find out.

Flooded And Powerless: When Lights And Cellphones Go Dark

When Typhoon Haiyan roiled a swath of the Philippines, it cut out power and telecommunications. Aid workers and service providers are gradually restoring the system. In the meantime, a patchwork of devices fill in the gaps.

Police: British Spy's Strange Death Was 'Probably An Accident'

Scotland Yard says it believes Gareth Williams, whose naked and decomposing body was found locked inside a gym bag in 2010, was not murdered.

Could Hunger Make Us More Charitable?

Hunger can make many people "hangry," or irritable. But new research suggests that we may have another, innate response to hunger: a desire to help others in need.

Christmas Lights Make Slippers In Global 'Junkyard' Economy

The Chinese town of Shijiao is known for recycling discarded Christmas tree lights for their copper and wire insulation, which are then used to support growing economies and make slipper soles, respectively. In Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter explores the business of recycling what developed nations throw away.

A Typhoon's Devastation By The Numbers

The dead are still being buried and the damages are still being calculated in one of the strongest typhoons ever. The death toll, previously estimated at 10,000, now looks to be much lower.

Toronto Council Asks Mayor Ford To Temporarily Step Aside

Rob Ford spent Wednesday defending himself to his City Council. While admitting that he's purchased illegal drugs, which came after earlier admissions about smoking crack and getting drunk, the mayor also said he doesn't need treatment and doesn't need to take a leave of absence.

Typhoon Haiyan: Families Struggle To Connect Amid Devastation

Wrecked infrastructure is making it hard for Filipino Americans to find out the status of family members affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Host Michel Martin speaks with Jessica Petilla, a Filipino doctor in New York who has immediate family in the hard hit province of Leyte.