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Polygamy May Seem Like A Man's Dream, But Kenyan Women Are Not Happy

Kenyan lawmakers recently passed a bill that legalizes polygamy without a wife's consent. Member of Parliament Annah Nyokabi Gathecha explains why she walked out of the voting session.

U.S. And Europe Stand United, 'Russia Stands Alone,' Obama Says

If Russia's leaders "thought the world wouldn't care about their actions in Ukraine, they clearly miscalculated," Obama said after meeting with European Union leaders in Brussels.

'Bishop Of Bling' Gets The Boot

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst spent millions of dollars on renovations at his residence in Limburg, Germany. On Wednesday, the Vatican accepted his resignation.

More Images, More Possible Debris, But No Sure Sign Of Flight 370

The latest in the search: Authorities say newly analyzed satellite images show 122 objects that might be linked to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

What Does The Ukraine Crisis Mean For Moldova?

Russia's takeover of Crimea has other nations in the region worried. Linda Wertheimer talks to Igor Munteanu, Moldova's ambassador to the U.S.

German Chemical Giant BASF Benefits From Cheap U.S. Natural Gas

Thanks to fracking, there is an abundance of natural gas at about a quarter of the European price. This influx of business may be good for the U.S., but it's cause for concern for European leaders.

Ukraine Crisis, NSA Eavesdropping Dominate Summit Discussions

President Obama is in Brussels for meetings with NATO and the European Union. Events on the sideline of Tuesday's nuclear summit at The Hague have eclipsed the nuclear agenda itself.

Arizona Struggles To Gain Cross-Border Trade With Mexico

In 2010, Arizona passed laws aimed at undocumented immigrants. As a result, business relations with Mexico — Arizona's biggest trading partner — began to suffer.

Ukrainians Speculate What Russia Plans To Do Next

Ukrainians in Kiev are debating if the Russian military buildup on the border between the two countries is just saber rattling or the precursor to a second incursion.

From Pancho Villa To Panda Express: Life In A Border Town

Columbus, New Mexico, has a rich border history. Pancho Villa stormed across in 1916. Today, kids on the Mexico side take a bus — driven by the Columbus mayor — across the border to go to school.