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Forever Prisoner: Guantanamo Detainees And The Future

Kojo explores the story of "Guantanamo Diary" author and detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi, and examines how recent court decisions could impact his case and the legitimacy and effectiveness of Guantanamo’s military commissions.


Aerial Images Show Destruction Of Ancient Christian Monastery In Iraq

The new images obtained by The Associated Press show the site of St. Elijah's Monastery in the ISIS-held city of Mosul. ISIS likely destroyed the monastery in the fall of 2014.

A Place Where U.S. Troops Are Very Close To ISIS

U.S. peacekeeping troops have been based for decades in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, where the greatest danger was often sunburn. But with extremists now nearby, the mission has become far riskier.

Pakistani Forces Gain Control Of University After Gunmen Attack

Gunmen attacked a university in Charsadda, Pakistan, killing at least 20 people. Steve Inskeep talks to Jonathan Boone, a reporter with The Guardian. Charsadda has been the scene of previous attacks.

Fire At Dubai High-Rise Is Blamed On Electrical Issue In Spotlight

No deaths were caused by the New Year's Eve fire. The short-circuit occurred in a bright light that's used to illuminate the hotel's exterior, police say.

North Korean Scientists Come Up With 'Amazing' Breakthroughs

Last year the scientists came up with a vaccine that could cure AIDS, drug addition and Ebola. This year, according to the Pyongyang Times, they've discovered hangover-free alcohol.

Attack On University In Pakistan Kills At Least 20

Security forces are now in control, hours after militants stormed the campus. The four attackers reportedly died in the attack.

Pamela Anderson Lends Star Power To Fight Against Foie Gras In France

The former Baywatch actress showed up in Parliament to promote animal rights. She is supporting a congresswoman who wants to end force-feeding of animals to produce a cherished culinary delicacy.

European Pirate Radio Network Broadcasts Alternative To Syria's State Media

A non-profit organization in Berlin has invented a small portable transmitter that can download satellite signals and rebroadcast them on FM for Syrians to listen to on their car or household radios.

Gunmen Attack University In Northwest Pakistan

Gunmen stormed a university campus, killing more than a dozen people. The attack triggered a gunbattle with police and army troops. The four attackers reportedly died in the attack.