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So Just How Does The U.K. Divorce The EU?

On paper, there's a tangled legal process, but it has never been tested and leaves some issues unaddressed.

After Brexit Vote, Britain Asks Google: 'What Is The EU?'

Google Trends shows that this was the second-searched EU-related question in the United Kingdom after polls closed. The first was "What does it mean to leave the EU?"

David Cameron's Dramatic Rise And Fall

The British prime minister was riding high after a sweeping election victory by his Conservative Party last year. But that campaign included a pledge to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership.
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Friday News Roundup - International

The U.K. votes to leave the European Union. Heavy fighting continues in parts of Fallujah as Iraqi forces seek to retake all of the city from ISIS. And in Venezuela, food shortages spur looting and rioting. A panel of journalists joins guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


Make Britain Great Again? Donald Trump's Remarkable Reaction To 'Brexit'

In Scotland, which voted against leaving the European Union, Donald Trump praised the vote to leave. He predicted it's a sign of a populist revolution to come across Europe — and the United States.

How Can A Nudge Save A Life?

We have the treatments to end health problems like infant diarrhea. Sendhil Mullainathan says the "last mile" nudge is to encourage people to use them.

In Armenia Visit, Pope Aims For Reconciliation In A Tense Region

Last year, Pope Francis called the Ottoman Empire's slaughter of Armenians "the first genocide of the 20th century," sparking a diplomatic spat with Turkey. He begins a 3-day visit to Armenia Friday.

After More Than 40 Years, U.K. Votes To Leave The EU

To try to make sense of this enormous development, David Greene and Rachel Martin talk to novelist Robert Harris and the BBC's Jonny Dymond. Harris says the EU was a "marvelous creation."

British Writer Frederick Forsyth Was On Winning Side Of Brexit Vote

Well-known author Frederick Forsyth, who wrote The Day of the Jackal and other books, talks to David Greene and Rachel Martin about why he is happy the U.K. will be leaving the European Union.

Britain's EU Exit: What Comes Next?

The United Kingdom will be getting a new prime minister soon, and that leader will have to negotiate the country's exit from the EU, a process that could take up to two years.