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Despite Russia's Woes, Putin Shows No Signs Of Bending On Ukraine

The ruble has lost about a third of its value against the dollar. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Wall Street Journal Moscow Chief Greg White about Russia's deep recession.

Pope To Vatican Leaders: In-Fighting Must Stop

Pope Francis gave a harsh Christmas speech this week, diagnosing the Vatican leadership with "spiritual Alzheimers." Vatican watcher Rocco Palmo tells NPR's Audie Cornish about the pope's message.

Sony Will Show 'The Interview' In Some Theaters

After criticism for pulling the release of its comedy film, Sony announced Tuesday that the movie will have a limited release on Christmas Day. The first takers for the film were independent theaters.

Cubans Celebrate The Return Of Three Last Spies

The three intelligence agents were the remaining imprisoned members of the Cuban Five spy ring. Cubans view them as heroes: Their faces are everywhere, and Cubans even know them by their first names.

In Miami, Mixed Emotions Over Release Of Cuban Spies

Obama's release of three Cuban spies sparked outrage among Miami's white-haired Cuban exiles, but the exiles' American-born children and grandchildren see a bright future in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Record Number Of Britons Are Using Food Banks

Hunger has become one of the biggest issues in British society. A parliamentary report says one problem is welfare benefits, which have been cut under the conservative government.

Some Theaters To Show 'The Interview' On Christmas Day

Sony had pulled the controversial comedy that centers on a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after ominous threats were made, allegedly by a group that hacked the studio's emails.

WATCH: Monkey Revives Dying Friend At Indian Train Station

A monkey in Kanpur, India, fell unconscious near train tracks after walking on a power line. A friend jumped in and proceeded to use techniques of which an EMT would be proud.

For Australian Christmas, Everything's Overturned But The Pudding

Cooking in 100-degree weather is no fun, which is why many Australians ditched roasts and other holiday mainstays long ago. Except for Christmas pudding, a tradition steeped in history — and alcohol.

Irish Court Weighs Ending Life Support For Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman

Both the woman's parents and her partner want life support removed. The case has reignited the debate over abortion in the predominantly Roman Catholic country, where the procedure is banned.