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British Ambassador: 'We Are Close' To Identifying Foley's Killer

Peter Westmacott says that British officials, using sophisticated voice analysis, are close to identifying the Islamic State militant who beheaded the U.S. journalist.

Aid Workers In Short Supply As Ebola Grips Liberia

When disaster strikes a poor country, aid workers from all over the world normally flood the zone. This time, fear of the virus is keeping experts from answering West Africa's calls for help.

Ukraine Celebrates Independence Day, Pledges $3 Billion For Army

A parade featuring armored personnel carriers and beret-clad soldiers marks the 23rd anniversary since Kiev broke from Russia's orbit at the end of the Cold War.

Iceland Lowers Volcano Warning

Scientists in the island nation say after an earlier sub-glacial eruption, there are no signs of ongoing volcanic activity at Bardarbunga.

South Africa Makes A Plan To Protect Rhinos From Poachers

NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks to Jo Shaw, rhino program manager at the World Wildlife Fund in Cape Town, South Africa, about the country's new rhino conservation plan.

Journalist: It's Not Islam That Inspires U.K.'s Young Jihadis

The killing of reporter James Foley has brought to light the trend of radicalized U.K. citizens going to fight in Syria and Iraq. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to the Huffington Post UK's Mehdi Hasan.

Unity Leads The Polls In Scotland Independence Vote

On Sept. 18, Scotland votes on whether to break away from the U.K. Correspondent Ari Shapiro just returned from Scotland, and he tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer about the state of the campaign.

In The Midst Of War, Ukraine Marks Its Independence

Ukraine marks 23 years of independence from the former Soviet Union on Sunday, but with a war going on in the east, there seems to be little for Ukrainians to celebrate.

Italy Undertakes Lonely, Expensive Mission To Aid Migrants At Sea

Italian authorities are trying to track and intercept boats bringing migrants on perilous journeys across the Mediterranean. So far, its EU neighbors have failed to help deal with the emergency.

If Salt-N-Pepa Told You To Brush Your Teeth, You'd Surely Listen

Music has a long history of delivering public health messages, with Ebola the latest topic. But do people really pay attention to the lyrics?