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Low Consumer Spending Hinders Japan's Economic Recovery

The ultimate aim of Japan's effort to revive the economy is to give consumers the confidence to start buying again. Weak consumer confidence has hit big-ticket purchases hardest.

After Fighting Crime, Ex-Guatemala Attorney General Moves To U.S.

Steve Inskeep talks to Claudia Paz y Paz who scored convictions against organized crime and an infamous ex-general. Paz y Paz overhauled a prosecutor's office in a country better known for corruption.

Sen. Sanders Weighs In On Foreign Policy Issues

Vermont's Bernie Sanders says his main focus is on working-class Americans. But the independent senator says he might run for president — putting foreign policy issues in his hands.

Despite A Massacre By ISIS, An Iraqi Tribe Vows To Fight Back

The Albu Nimr tribe recently had some 600 members slaughtered by ISIS in western Iraq. The Sunni tribesmen say they're regrouping but need help, which the U.S. has now pledged.

U.N. Commissioner For Human Rights Faces Challenges In Iraq, Syria

Robert Siegel talks to Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, about the abuses in Syria and Northern Iraq.

Oh, The Places You'll Go: Toilet Signs Try To Help (And Often Fail)

Do I squat or sit? What can I flush? Is there even a way to flush? Signs from around the world aim to answer your vital toilet questions. Sometimes they're helpful. Sometimes they're just ... weird..

Tensions In Jerusalem Strain Jordan's Relationship With Israel

Jordan is formally in charge of Jerusalem's Al Aqsa compound — on the hilltop contested by Jews and Muslims — and the kingdom is nervous that tensions could ignite a broad conflict.

With Hand-Sewn Ships, Oman Revives A Glorious Maritime Past

The rich maritime history dates back more than a millennium. There's a group dedicated to reviving it by making boats the old-fashioned way: with coconut palm fiber, shark liver oil and no nails.

Me, Myself And The Loo: A Woman's Future Can Rest On A Toilet

"My Toilet," a new photo exhibit in London, documents how commodes — or the lack of a proper one — affect the health, safety and education of girls and women around the world.

U.K. To Deny Entry To Controversial U.S. Dating Guru

The Home Office said Julien Blanc's presence wasn't conducive to the public good. Blanc, a dating coach, makes racist and derogatory references to women and appears to condone violence toward them.