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Secret Papers Reveal Islamic State's Structure

Renee Montagne talks to German journalist Christoph Reuter of Der Spiegel about exclusive documents he received, detailing successful plans by the Islamic State to conquer parts of Iraq and Syria.

Migrants New To Spain Say Human Traffickers Are The Scariest Part

Migrants who have made the perilous trip across the Mediterranean say their journeys to Europe were made possible by a network of professional traffickers.

Afghan Political Cartoonist Argues His Drawings Should Be More Critical

Habib Rahman Habib has a very dangerous job in Afghanistan. He is a political cartoonist who has kept drawing through the communists, mullahs, Taliban and into the present government.

Al-Qaida In Yemen Expands During Saudi Bombing Campaign

Shortly after Saudi Arabia announced the end of the air campaign, airstrikes resumed in several parts of Yemen. On the ground, factions continue to battle as the Houthis push for more territory.

The Nearly Lost Story Of Cambodian Rock 'N' Roll

Before the Khmer Rouge regime, a thriving pop and rock scene adapted Western music heard on U.S. military radio stations. The documentary Don't Think I've Forgotten took 10 years to make.

9 Months Pregnant, An African Woman Risks It All And Heads To Europe

Tatiana Kanga paid a Moroccan smuggler $1,290 so she and her toddler daughter could ride in a rubber boat, 14 harrowing hours from Africa to Europe.

Yemen Crisis Creates Even Tougher Challenge For U.S. In Middle East

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with R. Nicholas Burns, a professor at Harvard University's School of Government, who says that the U.S. has a tough challenge in the region as four states are in crisis.

Friday Marks Centennial Of Armenian Mass Killings During World War I

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Peter Balakian, author of The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response, about the anniversary of the mass killing of Armenians during World War I.

Civilians Condemn Airstrikes For Creating Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

Yemenis whose lives have been torn apart by factional fighting and the Saudi-led bombing campaign hope for relief.

Migrants Fleeing Violence Dock At Sicilian Port Of Augusta

A ship carrying nearly 450 migrants docked at the Italian port of Augusta Wednesday. The International Organization for Migration says many migrants are families fleeing the conflict in Syria.