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Fox Defends Bill O'Reilly's Account Of Falklands Conflict

Fox News star Bill O'Reilly's is accused of embellishing his war reporting experience during the Falklands conflict. And in typical O'Reilly fashion, he's not taking the accusations lying down.

FIFA Panel Recommends 2022 World Cup Be Played In Winter

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar. Soccer's championship is typically played over the summer, but temperatures in Qatar during that season can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Severe Pollution In India Shortens Life Expectancy, Study Says

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore was in India this week training some 500 people to evangelize about global warming and convince India to get on board with commitment to cap emissions.

'Torture Report' Reshapes Conversation In Guantanamo Courtroom

Last year's release of a Senate report on CIA interrogation practices means lawyers for the accused Sept. 11 plotters can now discuss in court the treatment they say their clients endured.

A Stolen iPhone, A New Connection And Minor Celebrity In China

Months after Buzzfeed writer Matt Stopera's phone was stolen, new pictures from China started uploading to his photo stream.

Jordan's King Balances Threats Abroad And Critics At Home

Jordanians are now supportive of the military campaign against the Islamic State. But King Abdullah still faces domestic opponents, religious and secular, who chafe at restrictions at home.

Indonesian Authorities Worried About Return Of Islamic Radicals

Radicals from Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, have traveled to Syria to join ISIS. Some of them seek to establish a new Islamic state that would extend ISIS's caliphate.

FIFA Considers Proposal To Move 2022 Qatar World Cup To Winter

FIFA is considering a proposal to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to winter, but the change would would cause major disruption to the Premiere Leagues schedule.

Story Of Missing Schoolgirls Captivates Britain

Police in Turkey are looking for three British schoolgirls who are believed to have run away from home to join Islamist fighters in Iraq.

How Did A Celibate 82-Year-Old Buddhist Monk Contract HIV?

His doctor injected him with a used syringe. Millions of people have contracted HIV, hepatitis and other diseases that way. The solution: a syringe designed to prevent reuse.