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Militants Stage Series Of Deadly Attacks In Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

A day after militants killed more than 50 Egyptian soldiers in the northern Sinai Peninsula, details on the attack are emerging and the government is launching a massive military response.

Sunnis Flee The Islamic State, But Still Fall Under Suspicion

The Islamic State is a Sunni Muslim group. Yet many Sunnis have abandoned their homes and fled areas where ISIS has taken over in Iraq. But that doesn't mean Shiites welcome them with open arms.

Puerto Rico Says With Restructuring It Can Pay Off Debts

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Luis Vega Ramos, representative of Puerto Rico, about the commonwealth's debt deadline Wednesday. The governor says the island's $73 billion debt is unpayable.

Germans Express 'Frustration' With Greece For Stalling Bailout Deal

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with German journalist Roman Pletter, economics and business editor with Die Zeit newspaper, about the German leadership and perspective on the Greek crisis.

Greece Moves Forward With Referendum On Proposed Bailout

The Greek government's latest attempt to reopen talks with the EU seems to have fallen on deaf ears, while Greeks seem even more confused about what they will be voting for in Sunday's referendum.

Islamic State Affiliate Claims Responsibility For Attack On Egyptian Soldiers

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Kareem Fahim, Middle East reporter for The New York Times, about the massive attack on Egyptian soldiers by militants in the Sinai Peninsula Wednesday.

U.S., Cuba To Reopen Embassies In Step Toward Normal Relations

The White House announced Wednesday the opening of a U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba, which is seen as a key step toward more normal diplomatic ties with the Cold War foe.

Salvadorean Children Hope To Reunite With Parents Under U.S. Program

Under a new program started this year, children from Central America who fear for their lives in their home country and have a relative living legally in the U.S. can petition for refugee status. In part two of NPR's look at one family's attempt to reunite under the program, a story of two children in El Salvador who haven't seen their father in more than 16 years.

Health Officials Announce Return Of Ebola In Liberia

Liberia has gone several months without a case of Ebola, but this week, health officials announced two new cases.

Who's Behind A String Of Bombings In Ukraine's Black Sea 'Pearl'?

Local journalists and volunteers in Odessa are working to make sense of dozens of recent bombings — and prevent future attacks. They say that Russians have infiltrated the security services.