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Syrian Government Blocks Aid To Starving Residents Of Madaya

People in the Syrian town of Madaya are still starving to death. A U.N. aid convoy was finally allowed into the town last month, but it wasn't enough. Secretary of State John Kerry says that's because the Syrian government has surrounded the town and is not allowing enough aid in. Anti-government rebels have also besieged towns in Syria, which Kerry called "directly contrary to the law of war." Is starvation a war crime? NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to law professor Beth Van Schaack to explain.

International Leaders Meet In London To Discuss Aid To Syrian Refugees

International donors are meeting in London to discuss ways to help the millions of Syrian refugees that have fled their country's bitter civil war.

In The Heart Of Seoul, A Trove Of North Korean Propaganda

Many South Koreans have never heard of it, but a library in Seoul holds a vast collection of North Korean curiosities — textbooks, videos, fiction, even ginseng soap. Much of it can't be checked out.

Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara

The Noor I solar thermal power plant is the first phase of a project that's projected to provide more than a million Moroccans with electricity — even once the sun has gone down.
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Julian Borger: "The Butcher's Trail: How The Search For Balkan War Criminals Became The World's Most Successful Manhunt"

After the 1990s conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, the international community identified 161 suspected war criminals. Fourteen years later, every single person on the wanted list had been captured. The Guardian's diplomatic editor recounts one of the most successful manhunts in history.


Italian Dairy Cooperative Guarantees Bonds With Cheese

After a bank refused to lend money to the group, they were able to raise millions of dollars by issuing bonds guaranteed by extremely large wheels of Parmesan cheese.

Diplomats Pledge $10 Billion In Aid For Syria At Donor Conference

The pledges made in London surpassed the goal of $9 billion. Participants are also discussing incentives for countries struggling with an influx of refugees and ways to improve humanitarian aid.

Sole Air Traveler 'Felt Like A Rock Star'

A woman in China was flying home to the city of Guangzhou when a blizzard prompted everyone else to switch to earlier planes. Flight CZ2833 went ahead with just her on board.

On The Streets Of Tehran, Searching For Signs Of Economic Improvement

Steve Inskeep takes the subway around Tehran — meeting ordinary Iranians along the way. Many are skeptical about whether recent sanctions relief will improve their standards of living any time soon.

Journalist James Foley's Beheading By ISIS Told In HBO's 'Jim'

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Brian Oakes about his documentary Jim: The James Foley Story, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Foley was a correspondent in Syria when he was abducted by ISIS.