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Cameron Makes Last Minute Appeal For Unity In Scotland

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Scotland on Monday in a last minute effort to persuade Scots to vote for unity in this week's referendum.

Kerry Courts Support For Obama's ISIS Plan In Paris

Leaders and diplomats from more than 20 countries met in Paris on Monday to offer a mixed bag of support in the U.S.-led campaign against the militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Obama's ISIS Plan May Only Amount To 'Grass Cutting'

Melissa Block speaks with retired Col. Derek Harvey, a former Army intelligence officer and specialist on Iraq, about the self-proclaimed Islamic State and the White House strategy to combat the militant group.

'Language Of Food' Reveals Mysteries Of Menu Words And Ketchup

Linguist Dan Jurafsky uncovers the fishy origins of ketchup and how it forces us to rethink global history. He also teaches us how to read a menu to figure out how much a restaurant may charge.

Scotland's Really Big Vote: Can Women Join St. Andrews Golf Club?

Scotland's independence referendum is set for Thursday. On the same day, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews will announce whether women can join.

Cameron And The Queen Speak Out On Scotland's Independence Vote

Prime Minister David Cameron told Scots not to vote out of frustration, saying, "If you don't like me, I won't be here forever."

500 Migrants Feared Dead After Boat Sinks In Mediterranean

The International Organization for Migration says the incident took place last week when people smugglers rammed a vessel carrying hundreds of refugees hoping to reach European waters.

'Nude' Or Not, Women's Cycling Team Uniform Makes Waves

Some observers called the outfits — which in photos seem to feature a swatch of flesh-tone-colored fabric in their lower region — "rude," "wrong" and a "disaster."
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Foreign Influence and Think Tanks

A recent investigation by the New York Times reveals that more than a dozen of D.C.'s major think tanks receive significant funding from foreign governments. We explore the legal and ethical implications.


European Scientists Choose Site For Rosetta's Comet Touchdown

After a decade-long journey to reach Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the ESA says it has found the best spot for a planned November landing.