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Kurdish Fighters Begin Using Turkish Crossing To Reach Kobani

Syrian rebels and Iraqi peshmerga fighters have been allowed to use Turkish territory to enter the fight against militants of the self-declared Islamic State.

Zambian President Dies While Being Treated Abroad

Michael Sata, a longtime opposition leader who became president in 2011, was a controversial figure in the south African country.

Court Tells 'Naked Rambler' There Are Other Forms Of Expression

Former British Marine Stephen Gough has been arrested more than 30 times for public nudity. He filed a suit with the European Court of Human Rights, arguing freedom of expression. It didn't go well.

Tatar Men Disappear In Crimea, And Families Fill With Dread

When Russia took over the Ukrainian peninsula, Crimea, the government said it would respect the rights of ethnic minorities — like the Sunni Muslim Tatars. But some young Tatar men have gone missing, and the disappearances are causing anxiety in Tatar communities.

Amid Negotiations With Boko Haram In Nigeria, Violence Continues

Nigeria announced a cease-fire with extremists almost two weeks ago, but the killings, kidnappings and bombings have continued. Nigerians still await the freedom of the schoolgirls abducted in April.

The Next Shirt You Buy May Say 'Made In Ethiopia.' Here's Why

The garment industry is still seen as a good partner for jump-starting the economies of undeveloped nations. Manufacturers entering these countries say they're trying to treat workers more ethically.

With A Soft Approach On Gangs, Nicaragua Eschews Violence

Despite being in one of the most dangerous regions in the world, Nicaragua remains relatively peaceful. Analysts credit its style of policing, which has rejected the iron fist policies of neighbors.

No Hand-Washing, Spotty Temperature-Taking At Liberia's Airport

The Ebola screening of airline passengers departing from Monrovia was not operating like well-oiled machine Monday.

In England's Churches, Boom In New Recruits Changes Nature Of The Clergy

England has seen a boom in young men enrolling in the clergy. The phenomenon has been happening for a decade, so it's not a reflection of the new pope.

Mourners Remember Canadian Guard Killed Near Parliament

Melissa Block talks to Campbell Clark, chief political reporter at The Globe and Mail, about developments in Canada since last week's shooting.