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Obama Calls On Israeli Students To Push For Renewed Peace Talks With Palestinians

President Obama wrapped up talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday before heading back to Jerusalem's convention center to deliver a speech to Israeli university students.

In A Long And Bloody War, A Potential Breakthrough

The jailed leader of the Kurdish rebels says it's a "new era" and calls for a cease-fire in a war against Turkey that has lasted for nearly three decades.

Italian Marines Accused Of Killing Fishermen Headed Back To India For Trial

The Italian government has reversed itself for a second time and will send two marines to India to face charges relating to the deaths of two fishermen last year.

Cosmos Might Be A Few Million Years Older Than Advertised

European scientists say new data from the Planck probe show that the universe is 13.82 billion years old instead of 13.77 billion, as previously thought.

'Unwilling Witness': Former Journalist Recalls Iraq War

Sometimes, reporting on a war can be as difficult as being in one. Host Michel Martin speaks with former journalist, Abdulrazzaq al-Saiedi, about the moment during the Iraq War when he decided to leave journalism.

It's 'Birds Gone Wild' Out On Australia's Heron Island

Normally, the buff-breasted rail is a shy little creature. But on this island out on the Great Barrier Reef, it's become the avian equivalent of a weed. And the island is dotted with other pesky and sometimes (to visitors) menacing birds.

Europe's Central Bank Issues Cyprus Ultimatum

The central bank says it will cut off a financial lifeline in four days if Cypriot lawmakers can't agree on a deal to raise $7.5 billion to prop up the country's banks.

CIA Drone Operations Could Be Handed To Pentagon

The Obama administration is considering shifting the armed drone program to the military to mollify critics who say it lacks accountability and transparency.