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North Korea Prepares To Bury Kim Jong Il

The funeral of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is expected to begin Tuesday night, East Coast time. NPR's Anthony Kuhn is watching events from South Korea, and speaks to host Robert Siegel from the capital, Seoul.

Can Arab League Monitors Quell Violence In Syria?

Arab League observers arrived in Syria Monday, prompting a tentative calm between anti-government protestors and security forces. But many Syrians are skeptical that the monitors can permanently quell the unrest.

VIDEO: Tears From Kim Jong Un As His Father's Funeral Nears

Wednesday's service is shrouded in mystery. Nations around the world will be watching for any clues about the country's future. Meanwhile, the heir to Kim Jong Il's leadership post showed a rare bit of emotion earlier today.

Dealing With Dictators: Is Exile Or Trial Better?

Four Arab leaders have been driven from power this year, but only one is facing trial. Democracy activists say prosecution is necessary to establish the primacy of the rule of law. But some pragmatists say the threat of prosecution encourages dictators to cling to power rather than consider exile.

North Korea's Economy Is In Need Of An Overhaul

As North Korea prepares for the funeral of leader Kim Jong Il, attention is being focused on the country his son, heir apparent Kim Jong Un, will inherit. Like almost everything to do with North Korea, the picture of how the country's economy works is cloudy.

Doctors Risk Their Lives To Treat Syrian Protesters

Syria began withdrawing army tanks Tuesday from the restive city of Homs, an opposition stronghold. There, doctors often treat injured anti-government protesters in an underground network.