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Abducted Nationals Player Rescued In Venezuela

Venezuelan officials say Wilson Ramos, found by police, is "safe and sound." Armed men seized Ramos at gunpoint Wednesday night outside his home in a working-class neighborhood in Valencia.

Farm-Raised Tilapia, With A Dash Of Antibiotic

Seafood inspections aren't geared to catch drug residues from fish farms, leaving consumers in the dark on whether dinner contains drugs that could cause antibiotic resistance and cancer. A new study says there's no way to tell how big the problem is, given the lack of oversight.

Obama's Trip Focuses On The Pacific

President Obama left Friday for a nine-day trip to Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia. The president is trying to justify this long foreign excursion by saying that it will create American jobs.

Berlusconi's Days As 'Great Seducer' May Be At End

The Italian prime minister has promised to resign now that the nation has passed an austerity package. This time, for the first time, there may be no bouncing back for the canny political survivor.

Australia Passes 'Plain Package' Law For Cigarettes

The Australian Parliament has passed legislation that outlaws attractive cigarette packaging. Each pack will carry drab colors and images of disease. Gone will be some of the more iconic images companies have relied on to market their products.

In Myanmar, A Wary Welcome For Signs Of Change

In March, the Myanmar military installed a new government that says it's sincere about reforming its repressive rule. It's loosened media restrictions and suspended work on a controversial dam. But skeptics fear that the changes are merely a way to placate the people and preserve the status quo.