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Little Islands Are Big Trouble In The South China Sea

Tiny, uninhabited island chains that ring the South China Sea and reach even farther north are at the center of bitter, multinational battles — many dating to the end of World War II. The islands all have one thing in common: China has claimed control of them.
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Israeli Perspectives On Iran

Some in Israel, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been speaking out about the need to act aggressively against Iran, with or without the support of the U.S. But many Israelis, including some in the military, do not share this view. Please join us to talk about the range of public opinion within Israel over how to respond to Iran's nuclear program.


Clinton Signs Report Designating Haqqani Network As Terrorist Group

The designation may make it more difficult for the Haqqanis to raise money. It also may further damage relations between the U.S. and Pakistan. American officials have accused Pakistani intelligence services of supporting the Haqqanis.

Bail Granted For Christian Pakistani Girl Accused Of Blasphemy Against Islam

Accused of burning Islamic materials, she has been in custody for about two weeks. Her supporters say she has mental difficulties and that if she did what she's accused of, she may not have known what she was doing.

Hummer Driver Diverts Potentially Fatal Crash

Darrell Krushelnicki was waiting at an intersection in Alberta, Canada, when he noticed a speeding Pontiac careening toward four pedestrians. The driver appeared to be talking on his phone, and wasn't slowing down. That's when Krushelnicki eased his Hummer into the street, took the hit himself, and saved some lives.

2012 Paralympics Best-Attended Since Games Began

More than 4,200 athletes from 164 countries are taking part in the Paralympics. Disabled athletes began competing when a doctor in Britain organized the international wheelchair games to coincide with the 1948 Olympics. Renee Montagne talks to Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, a former wheelchair racer who is in the British House of Lords, about the games.