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Kremlin Cracks Down, Arrests Prominent Critic

Russian lawyer and blogger Alexei Navalny is the darling of protesters and the bete noire of the Kremlin. His fight against economic corruption made him famous — as did his nickname for the allies of Vladimir Putin: "the party of crooks and thieves." And his arrest this week for protesting against alleged fraud in the recent parliamentary election is likely to raise his profile even higher.

High Stakes For Europe, World Economy In Brussels

France and Germany are trying to persuade other European countries to sign onto a package of reforms aimed at shoring up the embattled euro. They're hoping to win agreement in time for Friday's big summit of European leaders in Brussels. A failure to reach agreement could send the wrong signal to the financial markets, which are already deeply worried about Europe's fiscal problems.

Fallout From India's Failed Foreign Retailer Plan

Linda Wertheimer speaks to Andrew MacAskill, Bloomberg News India correspondent, about New Delhi's failure to adopt a new law that would have allowed multinational retailers into the country and, hopefully, transform an inefficient and outdated industry. It's a huge political setback for the government, and a huge disappointment for retailers who've been licking their chops at the prospect of tapping India's consumers. But Walmart still has plans to expand in India.

Can Angela Merkel Fix Europe's Economic Crisis?

As leader of Europe's most powerful economy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is one of the most influential figures on the world stage. Supporters say she is trying to reshape Europe for the long term. But critics have derided her response to the debt crisis as too slow and unimaginative.