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Defectors Attack Syrian Military Sites

Army defectors attacked the headquarters of the much-feared Syrian Air Force intelligence on Wednesday. In Morocco, meanwhile, the Arab League met to vote on formally suspending Syria from the organization for its failure to implement a peace plan.

The View From The Center Of The Syrian Uprising

Abo Rami, a medical technician in Homs, Syria, is part of an underground team of medical professionals who have been trying to treat wounded protesters. Today, Rami is no longer able to go outside his home because he's surrounded by security forces that are targeting him. Rami talks with Melissa Block about the situation in Syria.

Head-On Collision Kills 18 Kindergarteners In China, Prompting Outcry

The accident is another in a series that have provoked anger toward the authoritarian government. This time, a bus with nine seats was carrying 64 passengers.

Syrian Defectors Attack Military Sites, Opposition Groups Say

In what looks to be the largest such attack so far in the months-long uprising against the Assad regime, the Air Force Intelligence building and other sites were struck, activists say.

Olympus Scandal Could Hasten Disclosure Changes

One of Japan's most venerable corporations is facing possible bankruptcy and its executives face jail time. The corporate scandal has stunned the nation. Olympus, a maker of cameras and medical equipment that is a household name in Japan, has been cooking its books and covering losses dating back to the 1990s.

Afghan Council To Consider U.S. Partnership Pact

Despite threatened attacks by the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has convened a grand assembly in the capital Kabul. Among other things being discussed, is the prospect of a strategic partnership with the United States that would keep American troops in the country after the 2014 drawdown.

Australia Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Obama's Visit

Australia is the latest stop on President Obama's tour of the Pacific Rim countries that the president thinks should be the new focus of U.S. foreign policy. It is already the focus of a competition for influence with China.