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More Civilians Joining Syria's Rebel Movement

Facing another major government offensive in central and northern Syria, rebels have expanded their presence on the ground. The army's offensive against the rebels has been so ferocious that a U.N. monitoring mission was suspended due to the violence.

U.S. Border States Have Stake In Mexico's Election

Mexicans go to the polls July 1 to elect their next president, but it isn't just Mexicans who are interested in the outcome. For Americans living along the border, the future of Mexico affects their bottom line.

Rio Environment Meeting Focuses On 'Energy For All'

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wants to kick-start a big initiative to double the share of renewable energy worldwide, make sure everyone on the planet has power, and cut in half the amount of wasted energy. But critics say the agenda in Rio is so bloated that it's unclear what can be accomplished.

Muslim Faction Has Its Roots In Cairo Coffee Klatch

Mohammed Tolba is an iPad-toting Egyptian cafe habitue who advocates a purist brand of Islam. He seems to embody the complexities of a country going through a difficult transition.

Confined To A Thai Fishing Boat, For Three Years

Thailand has a huge fishing industry that's chronically short of workers. Human traffickers recruit desperate men from Cambodia and Myanmar, who then find themselves at sea for extended periods in miserable conditions. One man says his ordeal lasted three years.

Chef Tempts Tourists Back To Tijuana By Focusing On The Food

Chef Javier Plasencia focuses on long ignored local foods in his dishes. He's credited for revitalizing Baja cuisine, and is trying to remake Tijuana into restaurant town, one local plate at a time.

Both Presidential Candidates Claim Victory In Egypt

In Egypt, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood seems headed for victory in the presidential run-off election. But the latest announcements from the Supreme Military Council could strip him of most of his power.