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Nazi Past Has French Town Wary Of Far-Right Politics

Much of the French presidential campaign has played out on the far right, around the issues of security and crime and immigration. Even President Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken of limiting immigration and deporting foreigners. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley visited a French town still haunted by ghosts of its far-right past.

Israel Sounds Alarm As Iran Engages In Nuclear Talks

Last weekend's meeting on Iran's controversial nuclear program didn't produce any breakthroughs, but the envoys from six world powers and Iran suggested that the talks in Istanbul began a process that could lead to an eventual compromise. NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro reports that Israel was not happy with the results from Istanbul.

Wounded Photographer Stays Focused On Syria

Photographer Paul Conroy survived the attack in Syria that killed journalist Marie Colvin and her colleague Remi Ochlik. Conroy would rather talk about others who don't survive — those with stories that don't get told in the news.

Amid Europe's Debt Crisis, A Sharp Rise In Suicides

The death of a 77-year-old Greek man who shot himself in front of parliament recently underscores the spike of suicides in debt-burdened Greece, Ireland and Italy. In Italy alone, there have been 23 crisis-related suicides since January.

Strings Attached To IMF's New Financial Firepower

Member countries have pledged $430 billion to add to the International Monetary Fund's crisis-fighting arsenal. The aim is to amass enough resources to handle any further problems coming from the prolonged debt crisis in Europe, but the funds come with a few caveats.

Couples Should Get Tested For HIV Together, WHO Says

Couples should get tested for HIV together, and if one person is infected, that partner should start treatment right away, the World Health Organization says. This new strategy is aimed at reducing transmission between "discordant" couples, which accounts for most new HIV infections.

Slowly, Myanmar Dares To Believe Change Is Real

The pace of political reform in Myanmar has surprised many and, coupled with recent election results, has led to an easing of economic and political sanctions by the West. But the reforms are by no means irreversible, nor are the poor nation's myriad problem easily solved.