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Pakistan's Prime Minister Refuses To Step Down

Opposition politicians in Pakistan are calling for the prime minister to step down. The country's Supreme Court convicted him of contempt for refusing to re-open a corruption case against the president.

Germany Stays The Course On Austerity Measures

The elections in France and Greece signaled a resounding popular rejection of the tough austerity measures being pushed by Germany, Europe's largest economy. But Berlin doesn't appear to be changing course.

What Hollande's Anti-Austerity Rhetoric Means

Socialist Francois Hollande won the French presidency over the weekend, in large part due to his pledge to push for growth and battle the German-led austerity approach to Europe's fiscal problems. But what does that pledge mean in practical terms?

Bond Market Shrugs Off France's Presidential Vote

The arguments for growth policies as opposed to austerity are taking center stage in Europe after the French and Greek elections. French President-elect Francois Hollande was voted in to a large extent because of his pro-growth, anti-austerity rhetoric, but he is not rejecting austerity altogether.

Desperate Sudanese Flee Bombing In Nuba Mountains

A conflict in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan has forced thousands to flee bombardment and hunger for newly independent neighbor South Sudan. The refugees from Sudan's last oil-producing state at Yida camp say they are being punished for fighting alongside the South in Sudan's bitter civil war.

Soccer Star With Soap Opera Roots Aims At Olympics

Discovered on a soccer-themed Colombian soap opera, Orianica Velasquez is training for a bigger stage: the London Olympics. The native of Bogota is a ball hawk on the Indiana University team. As her coach puts it, "She's a good forward because she's greedy."