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Dutch PM Resigns, Clears Way For Elections

Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, is tendering his government's resignation to Queen Beatrix Monday, clearing the way for elections. The decision comes after far-right politician Geert Wilders ended Rutte's majority in Parliament by withdrawing his support for planned budget cuts to meet European Union deficit limits. The government crisis has plunged the Netherlands into political uncertainty just as the eurozone sovereign debt crisis is heating up again. NPR's Philip Reeves has the story.

Egyptian Elections Complicated By Controversy

An election committee radically changed the shape of the race when it banned nearly half of the candidates, including three of the leading contenders. The election has been marked by controversy within Egypt and curiosity from without, and analysts say there is a lot at stake for Egyptians.
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Explaining the Scandal in China

With a top Communist Party official ousted and his wife arrested for murder, we unravel China's biggest scandal in decades. Kojo and a former Beijing bureau chief examine the players and the repercussions.

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Liberating Data and Opening up Government: A Global Perspective

We examine the open data and open government movement from a global perspective...


Passengers On Attempts To Help Stranded Boat

Bird watchers Jeff Gilligan and Judy Meredith were on a cruise ship when they spotted a boat with three fishermen signaling for help. The bird watchers say they alerted the crew, but the ship didn't stop. They later learned that only one of the three survived. Gilligan and Meredith discuss the incident with host Michel Martin.