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As The Iraq War Ends, Reassessing The U.S. Surge

When 30,000 additional U.S. troops entered Iraq in 2007, the tide of the war turned. The surge was widely credited — but was it the only cause, or even the main one? Some argue that Iraq's Sunnis had already decided to work with the U.S. rather than fight against it, and that this changed the course of the war.

Politicians Regret, Reflect On Iraq War Vote

The U.S. officially marked the end to the military campaign in Iraq, on Thursday. As the remaining troops begin to head home, the debate on how history will judge the war continues. Host Michel Martin speaks with two political leaders who were on opposite sides of the issue nearly a decade ago.

In Greece, A Technocrat Faces Life In Prison

Andreas Georgiou wants to make Greece's statistical office boring and reliable. His efforts have been met with a strike and a criminal investigation that could lead to life in prison.

After Protests, Russia's Putin Takes To The Airwaves

Russia's prime minister finds himself in the unusual position of being on the defensive after protests claiming widespread fraud in recent parliamentary elections. But a definat Putin spent more than four hours Thursday responding to critics on a TV call-in show.

New Iran Sanctions, And Fears They Could Backfire

Congress has voted in favor of sanctions on Iran's Central Bank — which is intended to make it harder for Iran to sell its oil. But the move could have the unintended result of reducing the oil supply, thus driving up the price Iran would receive for oil it does sell.

U.S. Flag Comes Down, And Iraq War Is Officially Over

Nearly nine years after U.S. forces stormed into Iraq, American involvement in the war ends with a flag-lowering ceremony attended by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Only a few thousand U.S. troops remain, and they are to leave within days.

Founder Of Shakespeare & Co Bookstore In Paris Dies

The founder of a venerable literary institution in Paris has died at 98. George Whitman founded the Shakespeare & Co bookstore, across from the Notre Dame cathedral. The shop was a magnet for English speakers in the French capital.