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Stuxnet Raises 'Blowback' Risk In Cyberwar

The Stuxnet computer worm successfully damaged centrifuges at a nuclear facility in Iran. Now, officials responsible for defending U.S. infrastructure fear that Stuxnet may have provided a blueprint for adversaries who may want to sabotage industrial operations in this country.

With Protests, Syrians Are Learning Politics

For decades, Syrian President Bashar Assad and his late father Hafez Assad did not allow any real politics in Syria. But the protests are teaching them how to organize.

Asian, European Nations Fret Over Birthrate Swoon

While much of the world worries about how to sustain 7 billion people, in many countries, low birthrates are the more pressing problem. From Germany and Russia to Japan and South Korea, leaders are desperate to reverse a trend of lower birthrates.

At IKEA In Shanghai, Do-It-Yourself Matchmaking

Hundreds of elderly residents visit an IKEA in Shanghai to chat, drink free coffee and look for partners. They have turned it into an informal and occasionally rowdy lonely hearts club and though store managers would like them to leave for hurting IKEA's image, they are too polite to kick them out.

Greek Inaction Or Democracy In Action?

A political calculation, not a financial one, may be at the heart of Prime Minister George Papandreou's decision Tuesday to send the EU debt restructuring proposal to voters, observers say. The move infuriated some European leaders.

When Lactose Intolerance Makes You Scream For No Ice Cream

Most adults can't digest milk sugar: it's a recent genetic adaptation most common in Northern Europe. The food industry has come up with enzyme supplements and lactose-free products for those who want to enjoy ice cream without a tummy ache. But not all supplements have what it takes.

As Casualties Mounted, So Did Marine Families' Fears

When the Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment deployed to Afghanistan, they left behind families who were desperate for information and grew frightened as the death toll grew. For 25 families, the news they received was the worst possible.