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Lack Of Graduates Hampers Portugal's Recovery

Just 28 percent of Portuguese over age 30 have graduated from high school, making Portugal not only Western Europe's poorest country but also its least educated. The EU bailed out Portugal last year, but the low level of graduates complicates efforts to build a modern economy.

Change Moves Quickly In Myanmar

April's elections in Myanmar, also known as Burma, handed Aung San Suu Kyi's party an overwhelming victory. Her release from house arrest and victory have sparked new hope among many people in Myanmar. The U.S. has also eased some sanctions, but many questions remain about the future.

Liberian LGBT Rights Under Spotlight

Anti-gay sentiment in Liberia has been growing since the U.S. announced plans, last year, to promote LGBT rights overseas. New legislation in Liberia calls for punishing homosexuality with longer jail time, and one group has been handing out fliers targeting gay-rights supporters. Host Michel Martin talks with freelance journalist Tamasin Ford.

North Korean Satellite Readies For Launch Amid Reports Of New Nuke Test

North Korea readies its first satellite launch as South Korean officials say there's evidence it is also preparing for its third nuclear test since 2009.

Syria Cease-Fire Appears On Brink Of Collapse

Last-minute demands by the Syrian government for written guarantees from the rebels and a deal to halt foreign funding of the insurgents throws the Tuesday cease-fire deadline into doubt.

For Now, A Chance To Breathe In Myanmar

The rapid pace of change in Myanmar has surprised many, including a reporter who has been visiting for years. On his latest trip, he says he felt as if he'd arrived in the wrong country: It was welcoming to journalists and openly celebrated opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.