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In Egypt's Vote, Islamists Expect Strong Showing

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt more than 80 years ago and is a presence in dozens of Muslim countries. President Hosni Mubarak outlawed the group, but it is now legal and competing openly in the country's parliamentary elections.

No Major Violence During Egyptian Elections

Egyptian voters in Cairo, Alexandria and several other major cities are voting Monday in the first stage of the country's parliamentary election. Turn out is heavy and so far there has been no major violence. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro.

Vote Marks DRC's Second Democratic Election

Millions of voters go to the polls in the Democratic Republic of Congo Monday in only the second election in its history. The mood in the country is tense. The current president Joseph Kabila is deeply unpopular, but many in Congo believe he will go to any lengths to hold onto power. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton.

Op-Ed: Islamists Can Adopt Democracy

There is concern among some that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood could rise to power and push Egypt away from secularism. In an op-ed for The Boston Globe, Emile Nakhleh, former director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program at the CIA, argues those fears are misplaced.