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Facebook Arrests Ignite Free-Speech Debate In India

A 21-year-old was arrested after she questioned the shutdown of Mumbai for the funeral of a controversial political leader; her friend was arrested for simply "liking" the post. The comment angered the politician's supporters, who some say intimidated police into making the arrests.

Despite Protection Efforts, Rhino Poaching Soars

Nearly 600 rhinos have been killed this year despite extensive efforts by South Africa and other African nations to protect the animal.

What Will It Take To Make The Gaza Ceasefire Hold?

A week has elapsed since a ceasefire ended an explosion of violence between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The truce has so far held, despite some disputed incidents which have left one Palestinian dead and a group of Gaza fishermen in Israeli custody. Egypt, as mediator, is now holding separate talks with both sides to hammer out detailed agreements on key issues, including easing Israel's blockade of Gaza, and preventing weapons being smuggled into the region.

Arson Suspected In Massive Bangladesh Factory Fire

Details are still emerging in the wake of a factory fire that killed more than 100 textile workers outside the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. Melissa Block speaks with Reuters' South Asia bureau chief, John Chalmers, about the latest from Bangladesh, where protests have raged for three days.

Syrian Rebels Claim They Shot Down Fighter Jet With A Missile

Syrian rebels claim to have shot down a government MiG fighter jet and captured one of its pilots. It appears to be one of the first times Syrian rebels have successfully used a type of portable missile and could mark a turning point as the rebels challenge the regime's advantage in the air.

From 'JK' To 'Eye Gunk': Taking U.S. Slang To China

One of the most well-known American women in China is someone many Americans have never heard of. Jessica Beinecke is host of OMG! Meiyu, an English-language learning web show produced by Voice of America. Her offbeat videos have racked up more than 15 million views over the last year.