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Hugo Chavez's Legacy Looms Over Venezuelan Election

Morning Edition is in Venezuela ahead of Sunday's vote to elect a successor to the late President Hugo Chavez. Interim President Nicolas Maduro is running as Chavez's heir apparent. The opposition candidate is Henrique Capriles.

'Comandante' Chavez Still Revered By Some, Despite Failings

As a journalist with Britain's The Guardian newspaper, Rory Carroll spent seven years living in Venezuela. His new book on Venezuela's recently deceased president explores Hugo Chavez's popularity with the poor and critiques his failures in governance and management.

Ford Claims Top Spot In Global Sales Race

The Focus is the best-selling "nameplate" worldwide, followed by the Toyota Corolla, new data shows. Ford's sales have jumped in recent years as it dropped unsuccessful models and adopted a single global manufacturing system.

Kerry Hopes 'Shuttle Diplomacy' Will Spur Mideast Peace Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Israel for the third time in as many weeks in an attempt to bring back to life serious peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian officials. The Palestinians appear to have a number of conditions, including prisoner releases, a freeze on settlements and a map of the borders Israel will accept. Israel has made it clear no map will kick off the peace process and remains focused on security.

Pacific Commander: U.S. Can Intercept North Korean Missiles

Adm. Samuel Locklear says the U.S. could intercept a ballistic missile launched at the U.S. homeland or Pacific allies.

'It's Not Normal': Syrian War Transforms Lives

The war in Syria has torn families apart and driven millions out of the country, but it has also transformed some Syrians as they take on roles they never imagined. A 26-year-old woman from Homs has put her dream of teaching English literature on hold as she works with the opposition.

A View From South Korea: The North Is 'A Playground Bully'

"It's like a joke," one retiree in Seoul says of the North's daily provocations. His view is shared by many South Koreans, who believe leaders in the North are trying to extort more aid from other nations and are trying to bolster their own positions.