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A Year On, Japan Is Still Looking For The Road Ahead

A new independent report on the Fukushima nuclear accident found that a far worse meltdown — one that could have forced the evacuation of Tokyo's 30 million people — was narrowly avoided. It also suggests that Japan also suffered a failure of government regulation, supervision and response.

One Year Later: Japan's Wreckage And Recovery

Interactive photos show continuity and change in Japan since the tsunami struck one year ago.

Joseph Kony Is Infamous — But Will He Be Caught?

A social-media campaign designed to make Joseph Kony into one of the world's most reviled villains appears to have worked. But capturing the notorious Ugandan rebel leader has proven an elusive goal for many governments for many years.

While Controversial, 'Kony 2012' Has Put Focus On Atrocities

The arguments continue over the merits of the viral video and Kony 2012 social media blitz that this week have exploded onto the Web.

Fact Checking The 'Kony 2012' Viral Video

Kony 2012 is not your usual viral video. A thirty-minute film by the nonprofit group Invisible Children, it hopes to raise support for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. Freelance reporter Michael Wilkerson fact checks the film and explains the controversy.

Women Need The Global Spotlight, Says Columnist

International Women's Day is a chance for writers, activists, humanitarian workers to highlight the inequalities facing women worldwide. Host Michel Martin speaks with Pulitzer-Prize winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, about the most pressing issues facing women around the world. Kristof reports on women's issues.