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China's Heir Apparent Rekindles Early Ties To Iowa

China's Vice President Xi Jinping is coming to America. Next week, he'll meet with President Obama at the White House. He'll lead a trade delegation to California. And he'll also make a stop in Muscatine, Iowa. Xi visited the town (population 22,886) in the 1980s, as part of an agricultural mission.

Drought Ravages Farms Across Wide Swath Of Mexico

Mexico is facing one of its worst droughts in decades. Government officials say more than half of Mexico's 31 states are affected, and in some areas farmers haven't been able to harvest crops for two years in a row. Mexico's federal government is pledging more than $2 billion to help.

Jews With Ties To Iran And Israel Feel Conflicted

Some 250,000 people of Persian descent are living in Israel, and many maintain strong ties with Iran. As tensions between the two countries escalate, the community is uniquely troubled by the possibility of war.

United Opposition A Challenge To Venezuela's Chavez

Opposition leaders have coalesced into a united and focused movement that is preparing to choose one candidate to run against the president, posing the strongest electoral challenge to Hugo Chavez's populist rule. Chavez still leads his nearest rival, but the gap is nothing like in years past.

The Mood Shifts For Russia's Putin In His Hometown

In Russia, anger and frustration are growing over the country's political system and its two leaders, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev — including in their hometown, St. Petersburg. In particular, many are critical of Putin's attempt to reclaim the presidency.