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What's Inside The CIA's Polish Prison

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks to journalist and author Roy Gutman about his recent trip to Poland, to cover an investigation into CIA interrogation centers on Polish soil.

Language Law Lays Bare Divisions In Ukraine

Ukraine's newly passed language law, which gives Russian status as the the country's official language, is a very emotional issue. The law illustrates how Ukraine remains a divided nation, with a Russian-speaking, Moscow-leaning east and Ukrainian-speaking, Hapsburg- and Polish-influenced west.

Pakistani Televangelist Is Back On Air, Raising Fears

Pakistan's most famous, and infamous, TV evangelist has been rehired by a top station. In 2008, Aamir Liaquat made on-air threats against a religious minority, the Ahmadis. Those comments were followed by widespread violence against the group. Liaquat's return to the airwaves has rekindled the controversy.

For Julian Assange, A Tricky Exit For Asylum

Ecuador granted asylum to Julian Assange this week, but Britain says it still intends to arrest the WikiLeaks chief the moment he steps out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London and extradite him to Sweden for questioning about alleged sexual assaults. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon has one way he could get out — via diplomatic mail.

Egypt's New Leader Struggles To Fulfill Big Promises

The list of Egyptian grievances is long, and President Mohammed Morsi has promised to deliver results in his first 100 days. As one poor family is discovering, it will take longer than that.