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Voters Decide How To Share Ghana's Boom

As its economy prospers, the country has gained an enviable reputation in its often-turbulent West African neighborhood. It's admired for being a relative oasis of stability and peace in the region — despite tensions in the build-up to the vote.

Damascus Airport Becomes A Target In Syria's War

The rebels have been increasingly active in and around Damascus and now say that they consider the main airport, south of the city, to be a battle zone.
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Governing The Internet

Representatives from 193 governments are meeting in Dubai this week to review a treaty that some worry could impose new restrictions on the Internet. Kojo explores concerns about censorship, fees and who should set Internet policy.


Hamas Leader Visits Gaza Strip For The First Time

Khaled Mashaal, the long-exiled leader of Hamas, made his first visit to the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Syria's Chemical Weapons Include Sarin, Mustard Gas

This week President Obama warned Syrian President Bashar Assad not to use his chemical weapons stockpile. Melissa Block talks with former weapons inspector Charles Duelfer about what weapons Syria possesses and how they can be used.

Nurse Who Took Prank Call At U.K. Hospital Is Dead

A nurse at a London hospital who took a hoax call about Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge was found dead on Friday. Jacintha Saldhana let through a call from an Australian radio station purporting to be the Queen calling about the ailing Duchess.