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U.S. Keeps Wary Eye On Kenya's Campaign In Somalia

Kenya's incursion into Somalia last month to go after the militant Islamist group al-Shabab caught the United States and others off guard and has raised alarms among aid groups. While Kenya has asked for U.S. assistance, the State Department is advising caution.

Europe Overthrows Politicians For Technocrats

The European debt crisis has driven politicians in Italy and Greece to turn to technocrats for leadership. What exactly is a technocrat? Will they be the silver bullets needed to help lift Europe out of its economic quagmire? Guest host Linda Wertheimer gets some answers from political scientists.

'Is Europe Over?': A Look At The Region's Fate

Forecasts from the European Union suggest the 17-nation euro zone could be facing possible recession next year. Some analysts are considering the possible collapse of the euro zone. Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with John Feffer of the Institute for Policy Studies about the precarious future of a unified Europe.

Inside Guantanamo, Detainees Live In Limbo

NPR's Dina Temple-Raston has reported on prisons for years, but says Guantanamo is different. In this Reporter's Notebook, she visits the notorious prison and says it feels like a terrorist museum.

Analysts: Fate Of Egyptian Revolution At Stake

Long-simmering tensions between Egypt's ruling military council and post-Mubarak political parties could burst into the open. Islamist and secular parties are both planning mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square to protest what they see as efforts by the military to enshrine its power at the expense of an elected government.

Myanmar's Ghost Capital Rises From The Jungle

In 2005, Myanmar's military rulers picked up the government and moved it to a remote city newly built in the country's jungle. Naypyitaw boasts manicured boulevards and well-stocked supermarkets — but not many residents. The impressive surface, many say, belies an aging dictator's paranoia.

Clinton To 'Test Waters' In Myanmar

President Obama says his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Myanmar next month, the first such visit in half a century. Relations between the U.S. and Myanmar have been strained during years of rule by a secretive military junta, but its new president has started a process of reform that the U.S. wants to encourage. Michele Kelemen