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Celebrations Marks The End Of Gadhafi's Life

Once the the death of former Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi was official, most Libyans rejoiced. Vivienne Walt, a correspondent for Time Magazine, who's based in Tripoli, tells Ari Shapiro that "it was one hell of a party last night."

Libyan Revolt: It All Started With Tunisia

The death of former Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi prompted celebrations in neighboring Tunisia. Hundreds of thousands of refugees streamed into Tunisia during Libya's civil war. Tunisians are proud that the Arab Spring started with them earlier this year.

Does Libya Offer Clues To An Obama Doctrine?

The president said Moammar Gadhafi's death marked the end of a long and painful chapter for the Libyan people. But the seven-month military campaign that toppled the Libyan leader also marks a high point for the kind of international cooperation that Obama has championed.


France And Germany: A Love Story

The Franco-German relationship is so dramatic — so theatrical — it's best to tell it in song.

Prominent Syrian Activist Flees, Reveals Identity

News of the Syrian uprising has come largely from activists who have taken great risks to get the story out. One of them went by the alias Alexander Page. But he recently fled to Egypt and and is now speaking out under his real name, Rami Jarrah.

Gadhafi Death Highlights GOP Foreign Policy Gap

With the economy dominating the political debate, Republican candidates have given little attention to foreign policy in their effort to take on Obama next year. But events in Libya suggest they may need to compete with the president on defense and security issues.

Gadhafi's Last Days Still A Mystery

The man who ruled Libya from a fortress-like compound in the heart of Tripoli reportedly spent his last moments holed up in a culvert under a road in his hometown of Sirte. The exact circumstances of his death remained as murky as his whereabouts since the capital fell in August.