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Obama In Bali For East Asia Summit

As President Obama meets with world leaders on the Indonesian island of Bali, the U.S. is proclaiming a strategic "pivot" towards Asia. Asian nations appear split as to whether increased American involvement in the region will lead to more stability or conflict.

Why Germany Needs The Eurozone To Be A Success

Economist Nicolas Veron talks to Renee Montagne on why such a strong economic power like Germany would be motivated to be part of the European Union and the eurozone, which has economically weak members such as Greece and Spain. Denmark and the United Kingdom are both part of the EU, but opted out of using the euro.

Egypt Protest Attracts Islamists, Secular Activists

Virtually all of Egypt's post-revolutionary political parties are planning major demonstrations in Cairo and other cities Friday. It amounts to a test of wills with the ruling military council over the direction of the country. At issue is a document from the generals aimed at guiding the drafting of a new constitution. Critics call it an attempt to enshrine military rule.

Attacks Target Palestinians In Israeli Towns

Over the past few months, militants have vandalized several Arab sites in the coastal Israeli city of Jaffa. For years, Jews and Arabs coexisted there in relative peace. Now, locals say racist sentiment is on the rise, as settler groups focus on Palestinian populations inside Israel.

Obama Shifts Attention To Asian Pacific Region

President Obama arrives in Indonesia on Thursday for a conference with Asian leaders. The event forms part of a long trip to the region by the president, who is using it to highlight his policy of switching America's focus to the Pacific, which he believes to be the best source of trade and jobs for the U.S. in the coming century. NPR's Anthony Kuhn talks with Melissa Block from Bali.