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The 'Responsibility To Protect' In Syria And Beyond

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, world leaders vowed that such mass atrocities could never be allowed to happen again. In 2005, the U.N. adopted the Responsibility to Protect, a set of principles to guide the response of the international community if a government fails to protect its population.

Obama Signs Order Extending Sanctions To Property Of Iranian Government

The order accuses Iran of using "deceptive practices ... to conceal transactions of sanctioned parties" and says there is an "unacceptable risk posed to the international financial system by Iran's activities."

Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 60 Years On The Throne

Elizabeth was just 25 and visiting the then-colony of Kenya, when word came her father the King had died. The royals will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee by visiting the nations that once made up the British empire.

Syrian Regime Has 'License To Kill' After Diplomatic Impasse, Activists Say

At least 15, and possibly many more, have been killed today in Homs. Over the weekend, about 200 people died in the city, activists say. As the killing continues, the U.S. closes its embassy in Damascus.

Egypt To Try 19 Americans In NGO Dispute

Nineteen Americans face criminal charges in Egypt over their work for U.S. non-profit organizations. The charges are part of an escalating stand-off between Egyptian officials and the U.S. Washington sends some $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt, and U.S. lawmakers say that's in jeopardy now.

Syrian Troops Strike Neighborhoods In Homs

Syria's government continued hammering protesters over the weekend. According to Syrian activists, the assault on the city of Homs included artillery that struck a makeshift medical clinic. The latest fighting came during the same weekend the United Nations failed to condemn Syria. Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution calling for Syrian President Bashar Assad to give up power.

Sarkozy Sews Up Seamstress' Unemployment Fix

For most of the 20th century, high-end lingerie maker Lejaby has done well. But in 2010 it closed three factories. And now it is shuttering its last, the only place where French lingerie is still made in France. Until President Nicolas Sarkozky stepped in, 93 seamstresses were going to be unemployed.