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Old Mines Bring New Casualties In Afghanistan

Hundreds of Afghans, mostly children, are killed or injured each year from old mines and unexploded ammunition in unmarked areas. Many Afghans aren't aware of the danger until they're victims.

Why South Dakota Won't Bail Out Maine

Unlike Europe, U.S. states aren't likely to find themselves bailing one another out. Two economists find the reasons in two centuries of history.

Pentagon Is Prepping Defenses Against Iran, 'Wall Street Journal' Reports

Officials tell the newspaper that the U.S. is building a missile-defense radar station in Qatar and will hold its "biggest-ever minesweeping exercises in the Persian Gulf." Also, a second aircraft carrier is being sent to the region.

Mass Casualties After Shootings In Toronto And Tuscaloosa

Separate mass shootings at opposite ends of North America have left dozens wounded and at least two people dead.

Athletes, Visitors Flood London's Heathrow Airport

Athletes and fans from around the world have begun to arrive in London for the Summer Olympic Games. On Monday, Heathrow saw a record number of arrivals. Meanwhile, a giant security firm failed to recruit the number of Olympic guards it promised. The London Olympics start July 27 and end Aug. 12.

Some Athletes Reject High-Tech Sports Fuel In Favor Of Real Food

Many top athletes are rejecting the processed drinks and gels companies are squarely aiming at them. Instead, they rely on old fashioned water and healthy food to rehydrate and replenish nutrients.

A Syrian Defector Confronts A Sectarian Divide

The fighting in Syria often pits Sunni Muslims, who make up a large majority of the population, versus Alawites, who control many leadership positions. An Alawite who joined the anti-government forces finds he is sometimes viewed with suspicion.

Pan-African Group Elects First Female Leader

The African Union commission has elected its first female leader. The organization chose South African politician Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to chair the administrative arm of the continental organization. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton talks to Audie Cornish about why her election is significant.