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'Many Strands' Of Suu Kyi's Life Unite In Oxford

The Burmese pro-democracy leader returned to her alma mater to receive the honorary degree she was unable to collect for more than a decade. Aung San Suu Kyi was a student, wife and mother in the city. A family friend says her time there gave Suu Kyi a tool kit of intellectual and analytical skills.

In Indiana, A U.S. Superhighway May Hit The Skids

When complete, Interstate 69 will provide a direct route from Mexico to Canada through the Midwest. Indiana must build miles of road to complete its leg of the project, but funding for the necessary construction is dwindling.

State Department Calls For End To Modern Slavery

An estimated 27 million people are trafficked each year. A new report by the U.S. State Department looks at which countries are the worst offenders and how victims can be better protected. Host Michel Martin speaks with Ambassador Luis CdeBaca of the State Department and Sister Azezet Kidane, who documents human trafficking in Egypt.

A Ceremony That Was Anything But Private

When Emma Benn and Nicole Dennis-Benn decided to get married in Nicole's native country of Jamaica, they knew there would be a few critics. But the lesbian couple never imagined their small, private ceremony would become a topic of national news. Host Michel Martin discusses the wedding and the controversy it stirred with the newlyweds.

Greece Has New Prime Minister

New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras has been sworn in. He framed last weekend's election as a referendum on keeping the euro as Greece's official currency.

If WikiLeaks' Assange Steps Out, He's Due To Be Arrested

He's reportedly still inside Ecuador's embassy in London, where he showed up Tuesday and asked for political asylum.