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Chinese Journalist: Bo Xilai Had History Of Bribes

A former journalist with state-run media says fallen politician Bo Xilai bribed the children of high officials with real estate to secure promotions, while his wife was "raking in money" in exchange for favors. Now the two are embroiled in a scandal that threatens the stability of the entire nation.

Euopean Central Bank Removes Risk Of Global Crisis

The turmoil in Europe appears to have died down, at least for now. Interest rates have fallen except for Spain. European Central Bank officials say they have contained the crisis — even if a recession occurs. But not everyone is so sure, and the recent rise in interest rates in Spain is making some investors nervous.

Norwegian Mass Murderer: Attacks Were 'Spectacular'

Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik addressed his trial in Oslo on Tuesday. He testified that he acted to protect Norway from Muslim immigration and compared himself to a World War II commander, claiming his acts were based on goodness, not evil.