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Hacker Threatens Cartel Affiliates Over Kidnapping

The hackers group Anonymous is threatening to expose Mexican government officials, police and journalists who have collaborated with Las Zetas, the notorious drug cartel, unless the group releases an Anonymous member they allegedly abducted.

Greek Referendum Plan Sends Sarkozy Scrambling

Just a day before a meeting of the world's top 20 economies in France, Greece stunned the world by announcing it would put a hard-won bailout package agreed upon by Eurozone nations to the test in a popular referendum. The news went down like a lead balloon in European capitals and sent the markets reeling. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, host of the G20, is scrambling to repair the damage, summoning Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou to France.

In Karachi, New Aspirations To Be A Global Player

The grandest expression of the world's population growth is the word "megacity." In them, people and ideas clash: The ancient collides with the modern; secular with religious; global with local. In Karachi, Pakistan, those forces can be seen in the story of a single piece of real estate.