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U.S. Turns Up Heat On Costly Commercial Cyber Theft In China

U.S. official displeasure has grown over the problem of Chinese cyber-espionage. The Obama administration has signaled that it will step up the investigation and prosecution of trade-secret theft and has not ruled out punitive measures.

Germany's Paradox: Family-Friendly Benefits, But Few Kids

Germany is considered quite generous when it comes to helping women raise families. But some analysts say the way many of the benefits are set up hurts those with a career and a family.

North Korea Reportedly Moves Missiles Off Launch Status

The medium-range ballistic missiles were reportedly taken off launch-ready status for the first time in weeks.

Crowd Funding Effort Seeks To Save Venice's Everyday Gondolas

There are two types of gondolas in Venice — the fancy, expensive tourist boats, and then the traghetto, the everyday boat used by locals. But the traghetto is quickly disappearing, and gondola enthusiasts have harnessed 21st century technology to save this ancient form of transportation.

White House Still Divided On Further Action In Syria

Melissa Block talks to The New Yorker's Dexter Filkins about the debate over involvement in Syria inside the White House.

Two Syrian Women, Two Very Different Perspectives On War

Melissa Block talks to two women in Syria. One is Susan Ahmad, the English spokesperson for the revolutionary council in Syria's Damascus suburbs. Ahmad is using a pseudonym to protect her identity. The other is Reem Dagman, who lives in western port city of Latakia, Syria. The city is considered the capitol and cultural center for Syria's Alalwite minority.