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'Get On Board!' Coast Guard Officer Rages At Italian Cruise Ship Captain

The death toll from Friday's crash off the coast of Tuscany has risen to at least 11. The ship's captain is accused of manslaughter. He allegedly abandoned the ship before some passengers were off. You can hear him be ordered to get back on board.

Hopes Are Fading For Missing In Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

Divers and rescue personnel are still trying to reach areas of the cruise ship Costa Concordia that haven't yet been explored in a bid to see if any of the 29 people who remain unaccounted for after Friday's crash off the Italian coast are alive.

Social Media Advances 'Revolution' In Egypt

Egyptian cyber activist and former Google executive Wael Ghonim talks to Steve Inskeep about his new book Revolution 2.0, which chronicles his role, and that of social media, in the toppling the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Russia's Debt Rating Downgraded Over Protests

Fitch rating agency has downgraded its outlook on Russia's debt rating from positive to stable. The agency indicated the recent widespread protests in Moscow and other cities were behind the downgrade.

China's Rich Consider Leaving Growing Nation

Many Americans believe the future belongs to China, but the view from within the growing nation is more guarded. Recent surveys by two of China's biggest banks found most of the nation's richest people are thinking about establishing residency in another country or switching their citizenship altogether in order to protect their wealth.

Italy's Bad Economy Leaves Immigrants Vulnerable

Immigrants say they face increasing hostility on the streets, and legislation would require the government to deport foreigners who don't have jobs.

The Challenge Of Measuring Relief Aid To Haiti

U.S. charities have received close to $2 billion to help in Haiti since the earthquake two years ago. But it's not easy to determine exactly how all that money is being spent and what kind of impact it is having.