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Gunmen Attack U.S. Embassy, NATO Headquarters

In the Afghan capital Kabul, insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles at the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters. Other buildings were also targeted in Kabul. U.S. officials say there are no causalities at the Embassy.

Afghan Insurgents Launch Multiple Attacks In Kabul

The Taliban is claiming responsibility for gunfire and explosions heard around the Afghan capital Kabul. Insurgents have been firing in the direction of the U.S. Embassy as well as other landmarks.

Insurgents Fire On U.S. Embassy In Afghan Capital

Insurgents appear to have launched a coordinated attack in the heart of Afghanistan's capital city. Rocket propelled grenades and assault weapons could be heard across Kabul — targeting the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters.

American Hikers Held By Iran To Be Freed 'In Two Days,' Ahmadinejad Says

Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and a third American — Bauer's finance, Sarah Shourd — were hiking in Iraq in July 2009 when they crossed the border into Iran. She was released on bail last year. All three have since been convicted of spying.

RPGs, Gunfire 'Raining Down' On Diplomatic District In Kabul

The U.S. embassy is among the buildings under attack this morning. An embassy spokesman says the staff has taken shelter.

Rockets Fired At U.S. Embassy In Kabul

Afghan officials say insurgents have been firing rockets at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Police describe a large group of gunmen firing heavy weapons in the downtown and diplomatic quarter.

U.S. Embassy Attack Highlights Afghan Security Issues

Militants armed with rockets and assault weapons fired on the embassy, NATO headquarters and an American military base in one of Kabul's most heavily secured neighborhoods Tuesday. That part of the city has been under Afghan security control since this summer.

Egypt To Stop Trying Civilians In Military Court

The generals who rule Egypt say they will end military trials for civilians once the government ends emergency rule. That would come none too soon for activists who say six times as many civilians have been tried in military court this year than during Mubarak's entire 30 years in power.

British Banks Face Most Radical Overhaul In Decades

Britain is set to change its financial laws. Officials say it's an attempt to prevent taxpayers from ever again having to spend tens of billions of dollars to save banks from collapse. Among other things, banks would be required to set aside more money as a cushion against possible losses.

Investors Want Bold Steps Taken Against Debt Crisis

Markets in Europe began the week lower on concerns Greece could be edging closer to default. Investors continue to show little confidence in European leaders' abilities to overcome the sovereign debt crisis.