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North Korea: Attack On U.S. Ambassador Is 'Deserved Punishment'

Pyongyang said it welcomed the attack on Ambassador Mark Lippert, who was assaulted in Seoul by a knife-wielding political activist who said he opposed joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises.

In Israel, A Vote To Choose A Leader And An Identity

Israel is a small country with an extremely diverse population. NPR's Emily Harris spoke to five very different Israelis about their hopes for the election and the kind of country they want to see.

Canadians Told To Stop Drawing Spock On $5

They've been sketching bold eyebrows and pointy ears on a former prime minister to honor the late actor Leonard Nimoy. The Bank Of Canada says it seems wrong to alter "a symbol of our country."

Boko Haram Ramps Up Attacks Despite Effort To Repel Them

In Nigeria, the Islamist extremists are using more girls and young women in suicide bombings. It's unclear whether the children are taken from among the hundreds the militants have kidnapped.

U.S. Government Teams Up With Private Sector To Stave Off Cocoa Crisis

Chocolate is increasingly popular and under assault from diseases that infect cocoa plants. Scientists are working to find varieties that will resist diseases and keep the world's sweet tooth happy.

Boris Nemtsov: 'He Directed His Words Against Putin Himself'

Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats, who followed Boris Nemtsov's career for 27 years, says he was one of the few Russian political figures willing to directly criticize President Vladimir Putin.

In Berlin, Grassroots Efforts Work To Integrate Inner-City Schools

In parts of the city, racial segregation in schools is often a reality. But small parent-led initiatives — one immigrant-led, one native-led — have been working to change perceptions and enrollment.

Many French Muslims Find Lives Of Integration, Not Separation

Despite a minority suspected of holding extremist views, the vast majority of French Muslims say they feel fully integrated into society. France has the largest number of Muslims in Western Europe.

Is Fighting Racism In Soccer 'A Lost Cause'? FIFA President Says No

Racism in soccer has been making headlines again, and FIFA President Sepp Blatter is now talking about relegating teams.

How To Help Children Orphaned By Ebola

More than 16,000 children have lost a parent to Ebola. Almost all of these children have found a home with a relative, but they still have basic needs such as food and clothes for school.