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Computer Scientists Solve Mystery Of The Ein Gedi Scroll By 'Virtual Unwrapping'

Researchers used a new kind of analysis to make a virtual image of a crumbling ancient scroll from Israel. Biblical scholars were able to read the re-created text, which is from Leviticus.

As Iran's President Touts Openness, Britons Appeal For Release Of Prisoners

Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani was at the United Nations this week encouraging the world to work with Iran. But two British men were also there, appealing for the release of relatives held in Iran.

Call It The Great Sidewalk: Chinese Officials Under Fire For 'Repairs' To Great Wall

A local government tried to repair a section of the Great Wall by apparently paving it over. Now, a stretch of the wall looks more like a skateboarding ramp than a global treasure.

Syrian President Bashar Assad Says U.S. 'Not Genuine' About Cease-Fire

In an interview with The Associated Press, Assad blamed the U.S. for the collapse of a fragile truce earlier this week and denied carrying out well-documented human rights abuses.

'Narcos' Producer On The Drug War, Colombia And Escobar's Son's Grievances

Before making Narcos, Eric Newman spent years researching Pablo Escobar's story. He says, "For us ... it was very important to show the most balanced look at the [drug] war we possibly could."

'He Will Be Our Brother': Boy, 6, Asks Obama To Bring Syrian Boy To Live With Him

The breathtaking sadness of seeing a young boy suffering amid Syria's civil war has prompted a breathtaking offer of hospitality and friendship.

Chinese City Urges People To 'Appreciate The Significance Of Having Two Children'

The city of Yichang is calling on couples to serve their country by having a second child, even as harsh fines are announced for families in Beijing who violate the rules on having more than two kids.
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Best-selling Author Candice Millard On The Making Of Winston Churchill

New York Times best-selling author Candice Millard on her new book, "Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape and the Making of Winston Churchill."


North Korea Accidentally Opens Access To Its Websites

Researcher Matthew Bryant had a look, and realized that in all of North Korea there are only 28 websites. One is a flight booking site. Another appears to be some kind of social network.

N.C. Governor Declares State Of Emergency After More Protests

There was a second night of protests in Charlotte, following Tuesday's shooting death of Keith Scott, a 43 year-old African-American man, by a Charlotte police officer.