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U.K. Will Posthumously Pardon Thousands Of Gay And Bisexual Men

The so-called Turing Law would automatically issue pardons to thousands of men who had been convicted for having consensual relationships with other men under laws that have since been repealed.

Philippines' Duterte Says He's 'Separated' From U.S., As He Cozies Up To China

"I realign myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin," Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tells business and government leaders in China.
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Get Used To That Travel Crate, Bao Bao: Beloved Panda To Leave National Zoo

One of the most popular residents of the National Zoo, the 3-year-old giant panda is being relocated to China for breeding purposes.

China's Internet Stars Embrace Lowbrow — And Aim For High Profits

China's Internet stars are widely panned as vulgar, vapid and materialistic. But China's fierce demand for online content is helping the newly minted celebs to surpass A-list movie stars in earnings.

Food Merchants At Tijuana Border Fight For Their Right To Feed

Plans to expand the border crossing could bulldoze over a longstanding market where many food vendors have made their living — and in some cases, their homes — for years, if not generations.

Chile's President Wants To Ease Abortion Ban, But Opponents Push Back

Chile, one of the few countries that does not permit abortions under any circumstances, may amend its law to allow it in cases such as rape. But the measure is facing opposition from conservatives.

Iraqi Forces Expected To Need Weeks To Free Mosul From ISIS Control

Iraqi forces are pressing against the Islamic State to retake the city of Mosul. Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Fazel Hawramy for an update.

Kosovo's Government Cracks Down On Extremist Recruiting

Kosovo is a small country with an outsized contribution to Middle East extremist groups. In recent years, more of its citizens per capita joined armed groups in Syria than any other European nation.

Germany Hosts Meeting To Review Peace Deal For Eastern Ukraine

Leaders met in Berlin on Wednesday in an effort to revive a peace agreement for Eastern Ukraine. The Minsk peace accords were signed last year, but have done little to stop the fighting.

2 Americans Killed In Attack Near Training Camp In Afghanistan

The Defense Ministry says an assailant in an Afghan Army uniform opened fire, killing a U.S. soldier and an American civilian. Also, a new report finds child casualties are rising in the conflict.