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Controversy Erupts In Russia Over Report On Female Genital Mutilation

It's the first systematic documentation of the practice in the republic of Dagestan. Reactions from a mufti, a priest and a rabbi have sparked a charged debate.

Gang Rape Of Aid Workers In South Sudan Is A Turning Point

The country faces one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. But the brutal rape has left aid agencies wondering whether to pull out their foreign staff.

Syrian Regime Area Residents Suffer Amid Deadly Rebel Offensive

Syrian regime attacks like the one that wounded an Aleppo boy in images last week have been commonplace. But recently rebels are attacking civilians on the government side of town as well.

South Sudan's Current Conflict Leaves Residents In 'Desperate State'

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Justin Lynch, a journalist in Juba, South Sudan, about the roots of the current conflict in that country.

Extinct 'Micro Lion' Is Named For Sir David Attenborough

Microleo attenboroughi was a tiny, marsupial lion that lived some 18 million years ago. Paleontologists in Australia said they named it after the famed naturalist "for his dedication and enthusiasm."

Japanese City Takes Community Approach To Dealing With Dementia

Japan expects 7 million cases of dementia among its long-lived residents by 2025. It has started training pharmacists, bankers and postal workers in how to recognize the signs and be supportive.

U.S. Service Member Killed In Afghanistan's Helmand Province

The service member was on a training mission when a roadside bomb went off Tuesday near the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah. It is the second U.S. combat death in Afghanistan since January.
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Why We Open Our Hearts And Wallets For Some Disasters—But Not Others

Flooding in Louisiana has caused tens of millions of dollars in property damage and untold personal misery. But public response has been slow. Join us to talk about why we open our hearts and wallets for some disasters and not others.


In A Tiny German Town, Residents And Refugees Adapt

Klosterheide, population 280, is hosting 60 refugees. Some locals are wary. "Those who don't try have no chance to correct their bad prejudices," says a local official who coordinates refugee housing.

Mysterious, Encrypted Medieval Manuscript Set To Be Published In Replica

Want to try to crack the code of the Voynich Manuscript, written in an unknown language with unrecognizable illustrations? You might soon be able to buy a precise copy of the book ... for some $8,000.