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In Malaysia, Student Challenges Limits On Politics

In the modern history of Asia, college students have often played a leading role in pushing for political reform. But in Malaysia, a 40-year-old law bans the country's college students from participating in politics. Adam Adli, 22, is leading a high-profile battle to abolish the law.

Chow Under Mao: Surviving China's Cultural Revolution On Local Food

Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution may not have been China's best culinary moment in history. But Chinese journalist Sasha Gong, in a new book, revives the simple recipes of her adolescence in China that helped her and her family survive a miserable time.

In 'Miss Bala,' Bullets And Beauty Pageants Collide

Gerardo Naranjo's gripping film about the Mexican drug war is Mexico's submission this year for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Critic John Powers says it deftly illuminates a society plagued with fear.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement's Untold Stories

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress, the party that played a crucial role in the global movement to end apartheid in South Africa. That history, along with rare interviews with the party's key players, is featured in the series Have You Heard From Johannesburg? Host Michel Martin speaks with director Connie Field.

Search Resumes At Stricken Italian Cruise Ship

More than 20 people are still missing. The Costa Concordia hit some rocks on Friday and listed over on it starboard side. Eleven deaths have been confirmed. There were about 4,200 passengers and crew onboard.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Has Rare Day In Court

The contempt hearing for Pakistan's prime minister has been adjourned until next month. Pakistan's Supreme Court wants him to explain why he refused to reopen an anti-corruption case against the country's president.