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Sports Journalism Is The Goooaal At Argentine School

Argentina is mad for sports — and soccer in particular. There are plenty of opportunities for sportswriters and broadcasters, spawning an education industry that specializes in sports journalism.

In Honduras, Police Accused Of Corruption, Killings

The Central American nation is the most violent country in the world, according to the United Nations. A mix of drug trafficking, political instability and history adds up to a murder rate that is now four times that of Mexico. Contributing to the volatility are the police themselves.

With Death Toll Soaring, What's Next In Aid To Syria?

As the death toll mounts in Syria, the U.S. and its partners are seeking new diplomatic initiatives to persuade Syrian President Bashar Assad to silence his army's guns and give up power. Turkey's foreign minister says it's crucial for the world to send a signal to Syrians that they are not alone.

On The Trail, Romney Avoids His French Connection

Mitt Romney was a Mormon missionary in France for two years, but it's not something he brings up on the campaign trail. He had life-changing experiences abroad, but Romney now disparages Europe. For those who knew the charming young man from Michigan, Romney's euro-trashing is a little painful.

With Vatican's Backing, Catholics Address Sex Abuse

This week, a Vatican-backed symposium in Rome tackled the painful subject of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Some victims' advocates decried the meeting as "cheap window dressing." But others say it may signal the the Vatican is moving toward reformers and away from deniers of the abuse.

Former Ambassador On US Strategies In Syria, Iran

Robert Siegel speaks with Thomas Pickering, former ambassador and trustee of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, about US strategies for Syria and Iran. Pickering served as US ambassador to Russia, Jordan, Israel, and the UN — and was undersecretary of state for political affairs from 1997 to 2001.

A Year After Revolution, Tensions Rising In Bahrain

Tensions are growing in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain. Protests by Shiites in outlying areas are growing ahead of next week's anniversary of the uprising. There are daily clashes between protesters and police and some fear that the violence will escalate as the anniversary approaches on Feb. 14, perhaps spreading to the streets of the capital, Manama.

Saved From Extinction, Darwin's Crocs Are Now King

Australia's Northern Territory is home to the cunning, powerful and deadly saltwater crocodile — the world's largest. And in the territory's capital, Darwin, the crocodile is both feared and beloved.

Does The 2011 'Photo Of The Year' Look Familiar?

It was taken in Yemen, but it might ring a bell — if you know your Renaissance history.