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Scottish Nationalists Renew Push For Independence

The battle lines have been drawn over Scotland. Nationalists want to push forward with a referendum on independence from Britain. British Prime Minister David Cameron is maneuvering to make sure Scots vote "no" on independence.

Officials React To Now-Viral Video

NPR's Tom Bowman updates Audie Cornish on the latest fallout from a video that purports to show U.S. Marines urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan — believed to be Taliban militants.

Ordinary Life Resurrected, Slowly, In Haiti

Two years after a massive earthquake leveled Haiti's capital, more than a half-million people remain in tent camps and tons of rubble must still be cleared away. But there is reason for some optimism. Reconstruction is picking up, and the new government has created a sense of relative stability.

USAID's Shah Assesses Pace Of Haiti Recovery

Many Haitians have left the tent camps and much of the rubble has been removed from the streets since Haiti's 2010 earthquake. Yet questions remain about the flow and efficacy of international aid to the country. USAID administrator Rajiv Shah weighs in on the challenges ahead in Haiti.

Experts Fear Fallout From Afghanistan Video

The Marine Corps is investigating a video that purports to depict Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters. Many worry the incident will further enflame anti-American feelings in Afghanistan, just as the U.S. tries to engage the Taliban into peace talks.