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'China's Katrina': Second City Flooded; Corruption, Incompetence Blamed

Beijing's storm sewers couldn't cope with heavy rains. At least three dozen people are dead. Now, more downpours have flooded the city of Tianjin. Many are blaming government officials for being feckless. And more rain is coming.

Beijing Flooding Compared To Katrina

In China, authorities are still counting the cost of heavy weekend floods in Beijing. City officials say three-dozen people died in the flooding, and more than 60,000 houses were damaged. Losses are estimated at nearly $2 billion. But the intangible damage is to the government's credibility.

Ichiro Fans In Japan Scramble For Yankees Gear

Ichiro Suzuki's move from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Yankees seems to be popular with his fans back in Japan — even though they now have to dash out and buy new memorabilia with the Yankees logo to show their support.

Fight For Syria's Big Cities Intensifies

A big counterattack is brewing in Syria's most important city after Damascus. Rebel fighters had taken control of parts of Aleppo but say heavy reinforcements for the Syrian army are now arriving. Activists also say that in Damascus, loyalist forces have been exacting a bloody revenge. Even as Syrians — from soldiers to diplomats — are turning against the regime, the power on the ground remains with the military.

British Ambassador Mum On Olympic Opener

Renee Montagne interviews Sir Peter Westmacott, Britain's ambassador to the U.S., ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremonies for London's Summer Games.

Acid Attacks A Rising Menace For Colombian Women

A brutal crime more commonly associated with South Asian nations has made its way to Colombia — acid attacks on women by spurned lovers, jealous husbands or even complete strangers. Once sporadic, the number of cases is growing; so far this year, 100 such attacks have already been reported.