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The Current U.S.-China Standoff Has A Precedent

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is believed to be under U.S. protection in Beijing. It's not the first time China and the U.S. have faced this kind of delicate question. Something similar happened in 1989, and it took a year for the two countries to resolve it.

Europe Pressures U.S. Tech On Internet Privacy Laws

American tech giants are under pressure from Europe to offer stronger privacy options to consumers. Privacy advocates say American Internet users will have the European Union to thank if tighter regulations pass, but the industry says the Europeans are hampering an American success story with regulation.

Activist's Escape Complicates Clinton's China Visit

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading to China — and into a firestorm — after a high-profile dissident's daring escape from house arrest. Chen Guangcheng is now said to be under U.S. protection. Human rights activists say the case is a test for both China and the Obama administration.

Who Is Chen Guangcheng?

After 19 months of house arrest in his rural village, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is believed to be under U.S. diplomatic protection in Beijing. According to supporters, the blind activist escaped last week under the cover of night and made his way 300 miles to China's capital city. Robert Siegel speaks with Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, about the issues that have driven Guangcheng's activism.