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Planned E.U. Oil Embargo Looks Set To Squeeze Iran

The European Union is set to stop all purchases of Iranian oil on July 1. Exports are already down, and lower prices means less profit on sales that do go through. So far, Tehran refuses to budge on its nuclear activities. But analysts say Iran has no clear way around the boycott.

Tunisia's Leader: Activist, Exile And Now President

Tunisia's president is a former doctor and human rights activist who was jailed under the previous regime. In an interview with NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, he says expectations are high and jobs are scarce following last year's Arab Spring revolution.

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis A 'Serious Epidemic' In China

More than 10 percent of the new cases of tuberculosis diagnosed in China each year are resistant to the mainstay drugs used to treat the illness. The sobering findings come from the first national survey of the disease conducted there.

Spain Needs Cash, But Please Don't Call It A Bailout

Spain's economy is tottering, and the most immediate problem is the country's ailing banks. It appears increasingly likely they will need a cash infusion, but the government would like to avoid a full-fledged bailout.

Panetta Calls On India To Step Up In Afghanistan

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is traveling in India. It's one stop on a tour to establish new strategic ties between the U.S. and key Asian allies. But improving relations with India might not be so simple.