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Raucous Soccer Fans Make Ideal Egyptian Protesters

Raging soccer fans have been active in the popular uprising in Egypt. They made news recently when dozens of them were killed in a riot at a soccer stadium in northern Egypt. The riot appears to have rejuvenated their political resolve, and they are being linked to violent protests against the ruling generals.

Debt Crisis Riots Take A Toll On Greece's Aesthetics

The Greece debt crisis has forced the country to look to the eurozone for a bailout. But Greece is looking less and less like part of Europe. In the capital Athens, they are still cleaning up from the weekend riots. Even in its tourist precincts, the area is shabby and covered with graffiti.

Israel Blames Iran For Shadow War On Israelis

Israel says Iran is behind a string of bombing attempts in three cities abroad. And it says Israelis are the targets. Details are still emerging from attacks this week in India, Georgia and Thailand. Steve Inskeep talks David Ignatious, a columnist for The Washington Post, to make sense of the evidence so far.

For China's Likely Premier, A Western Influence

Li Keqiang, who is in line to become China's next premier, has a very different resume than other Chinese leaders. He speaks English well, translated a book by a prominent British judge, and mingled with activist students when he attended Peking University three decades ago.

Opposition Leader Bets On Myanmar Reforms

Aung San Suu Kyi is campaigning for a seat in parliament to represent a rural district four hours from the country's biggest city, Yangon. It's a scene that seemed impossible only a few months ago, before the country's military-backed government began a process of reform aimed at ending international sanctions.