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Brits Now Have Six Years To Sue Over Unequal Pay

Britain's Supreme Court has ruled that anyone who believed they were paid less than colleagues of the opposite sex can sue in civil courts, where the statute of limitations is six years. Until now Britons, like Americans, could only file discrimination cases within six months. The initial case involved 174 former "dinner ladies" and other city employees in Birmingham — but it may have reverberations at private and public sector workplaces.

Temporary Ceasefire May Be On The Way In Syria

Syria's government has indicated it may accept a UN-Arab League proposal for a four-day ceasefire during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. The United States is cautiously welcoming the news.

Manitoba Town Offers New Residents Land For $10

Reston, Manitoba, Canada wants you. The small town is trying to attract new residents and is offering plots of land for $10 to encourage growth. Audie Cornish and Melissa Block have more on what Reston has to offer.

How Does The Polio Vaccine Reach A Remote Corner Of The World?

We're right on the verge of wiping out polio globally. But to do that, children in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan must be inoculated with the heat-sensitive vaccine — not once, but multiple times. Time to call in the donkeys.

When Fire Met Food, The Brains Of Early Humans Grew Bigger

Because we had better food, our brains grew bigger than those of our primate cousins, scientists say. Early humans cooked, which makes meat and veggies more digestible and nutrients more available to the body. Plus, there was all that chatting and chewing around the campfire.

Reports: Militants Quickly Claimed Responsibility For Benghazi Attack

Emails sent to the White House and other agencies reported Ansar al-Sharia's claim, Reuters and Fox News say. The issue of how quickly officials knew that terrorist groups may have been involved has become a hot topic on the campaign trail.

Sheep Thrills: Senegal's 'Idol'-Style Pageant For Rams

The country's love of sheep had the perfect ingredients for an American Idol-style reality show. Khar Bii ("This Sheep") began as a joke but has blossomed into a success story and a television show that is now in its fourth season, with loyal, record audiences nationwide.

U.S. Eager To Step Aside; Are Afghan Forces Ready?

Officially, U.S. and allied commanders say that Afghan forces are "in the lead" on security in their country. But with the transition to Afghan control looming, senior U.S. officers say that's just wishful thinking. The U.S. needs to stop coddling the Afghans, these officers say, and let them do their job.

Syrian Activists Attack Assad Regime, With Puppets

Criticizing Syrian President Bashar Assad can be a dangerous business. But that hasn't stopped the creators of YouTube videos called Top Goon, which relentlessly mock the Syrian leader with papier-mache puppets.