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Mideast Peace Talks On Again, But Roadblocks Remain

Only a few days have passed since Secretary of State John Kerry announced that Israelis and Palestinians have laid the groundwork for a resumption of peace talks and that negotiators would convene in Washington in "the next week or so." Kerry received praise from all corners for his hard work and diplomatic skills to at least get both sides back to the negotiating table. But a few cracks are already appearing in the plans, with both side laying out conditions before talks get underway.

Pope Francis Urges Young Brazilians To Stay Hopeful

The world's first Latin American and Jesuit pope toured Rio de Janeiro's slums on Thursday, blasting the world's "culture of selfishness" and telling Brazilians not to be discouraged, even in the face of corruption by officials. His trip comes after widespread protests over inequality in Brazil.

In Pictures: Pope Visits Brazilian Favela

By visiting a shanty town, Pope Francis highlighted his affinity for the poor. As night fell, Francis headed to the iconic, and much wealthier, Copacabana beach.

Catch Of The Day, Grilled The Turkish Way

The fishermen are out in all weather in Turkey's Bosphorus Strait. So there's no question that the fish is fresh, as area chefs carry on the tradition of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Ottomans in putting fish to the fire.

For American Defectors To Russia, An Unhappy History

Edward Snowden would be the latest of many Americans who've sought refuge inside Russia after leaving the U.S. Their fate has rarely — if ever — played out the way they'd intended.

Teen Passengers Rescued As Tall Ship Sinks Off Irish Coast

The young sailors aboard the Astrid were on a training cruise and part of a 50-ship flotilla promoting tourism to Ireland.

What's In A Domain Name? A Lot, Countries Say

The worlds of politics and commerce collide as several countries seek to block proposed top-level domain names. Reasons include everything from religious sensibilities to geographic similarities.
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Debate Over U.S. Policy Toward Egypt

Regional powers are taking sides in the conflict between Egypt's interim military government and ousted Muslim Brotherhood leaders. We explore the debate over U.S. leverage and its potential role in the conflict.


How Midwives Have Become Critical In War Zones

Pregnancy is unusually complicated in humanitarian crises. Midwives also often have to help women who have experienced sexual violence and have reproductive health issues.

Bo Xilai, Disgraced Chinese Official, Is Indicted

Once a rising star among China's political elite, Bo's career crashed in 2012 after his wife was connected to a British businessman's murder. That led to accusations of corruption and taking bribes.