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Guantanamo Detainee Lawyers Want To Question Yemeni President

The Yemeni president is in New York seeking treatment for injuries suffered during an attack on his palace. The detainee's lawyers say some of the evidence used against their client came directly from President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Who Else Has Been 'De-Knighted'?

Fred Goodwin, whose knighthood was revoked, joins the likes of a Romanian dictator, a Zimbabwean strongman and art historian-turned-Soviet-spy. Melissa Block and Audie Cornish detail the circumstances behind some of the men who were once knights.

Doctor At Bin Laden Compound Connected To CIA

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has confirmed publicly for the first time that a doctor imprisoned in Pakistan was working with the CIA in the months leading up to the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in May. The doctor may be charged with treason for helping to collect DNA samples from those living in the compound, under the guise of a vaccination program. Audie Cornish speaks with journalist Saeed Shah in Islamabad for more on the doctor's status, and how the confirmation of his work with the CIA is being received in Pakistan.

73 Dead After Egyptian Soccer Match Turns Violent

The worst soccer violence in Egypt's history left 73 dead and many more were wounded Wednesday, according to the official count. Clashes broke out at the end of a match in the city of Port Said, located at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal.

E.U. Rejects NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Boerse Merger

European Union officials rejected the proposed $18 billion merger of the NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse on the grounds that the deal is anti-competitive.

What Heals The World? Soup, Made By Moms

The food we cook to nurture the sick is remarkably similar across cultures. When the sniffles hit, we crave gentle foods like chicken soup and gruel.

Russia Says U.N. Draft Resolution On Syria Has 'No Chance' Of Adoption

Russia says it wants the draft resolution to explicitly rule out military action against Syria.

Pakistan Denies NATO Report Connecting It To Afghan Taliban

The report, based on interrogations with captured fighters, says Taliban leaders are intimately involved with Pakistan's intelligence agency. "The Taliban are not Islam. The Taliban are Islamabad," one detainee is quoted as saying.